It’s true. Californians really do drink all the best wine so it’s only the subpar stuff that gets shipped to the UK. Cheers!

TIL there are BMW Geniuses. In my experience so far, they’ve been helpful 100% of the time

Continuing my OS X Mojave feature tour... hooray home control from a Mac! This way I can control all my lights and stuff from my laptop as I'm doing my last reading before bed.

Yes, I have a lot of programmable LED light thingies. Why do you ask?

Escaped to land in what we were told is San Jose. The air quality is to shitty to know for sure

So this is going to be interesting...

Hurricane Lane, a dangerous Category 4 storm, headed toward Hawaii -

Accidentally had no coffee in 2 days 😱 Quick! To the espresso machine!!!

I've been "leaving work" for the last hour and an half.

Every. Fscking. Time.

A couple of days off and I’ve gone full nocturnal

Really enjoying Dead Cells on the Switch. Can’t say I’m particularly good at it, but it’s fun nonetheless


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