In France, they have a word for "around the web". They call it "putaclic" and i think it's beautiful.

Re Hello, it is still me, Petit Fayot.
You certainly not know the most famous american in France, named Johnny Hallyday, so i put here a marvelous concert. Enjoy!

So, at the request general, THE FRENCH JOIE DE VIVRE LESSON OF THE DAY.

"Le jogging."

In France, very viriles men wear sportwears they call "jogging" to look like soccers players they like, but in the streets, not in stadium.

French soccer players in the street don't wear jogging, but streetwears, to look like viriles men in video games.

HAHA, Je ne suis pas venu depuis des mois et j'ai plus d'abonnés que vous LOSERS !

2017. Apprenant que leur micro-planète allait exploser, le roi et le reine envoient leur unique enfant dans une capsule vers Mastodon. Il deviendra Supertwitto. Sa seule faiblesse : la twitterite.

Now, we say sneakers too and it is dommage because it is a chocolate candy. I prefer to wear panniers.

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Hello world, time for le joie de vivre lesson of the day !

"Les Baskets"

In France, there is a famous song who says " chante, danse et mets tes baskets (c'est sympa)".
But what is french basket ? It is sneaker. Why ? I don't really know but i have an idea.

In the beginnings of the 80's, we use to call sneakers "tennis", like the sport. The sport shoes were Stan Smith style.

But when Nike shoes came, we called it "basket", for "basketball", to distinguish the two styles.

Voilà tout.

Répétez très vite :
"Christopher Nolan, Xavier Dolan, Christopher Nolan, Xavier Dolan, Christophan Dolan, XadierNolan, Christolan dolangza niézolan..."

Bonjour Americans,

I see that Christopher Nolan made a remake of one of our most famous movie "Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis", called "Dunkerque". It's great.

It's great but I saw the trailer and I have to say that you exaggerate: North of France is not so hostile.

It is, but no so.

Bonjour World, time for le joie de vivre lesson of the day.

"Le bridge"

In France, when there is a public holiday the Thursday, like today, or the Tuesday, French can take a bridge.

It means that they can do not work the Friday or the monday. They build a bridge from the saturday to the wednesday or another one from the thursday to the monday.

Of course, people who take bridge have bullshit jobs. The ones having real jobs, like real bridge builders, don't take bridge.

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