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Nicki H ☑️

I need a day to myself. Could everyone please step into an alternate universe tomorrow? That’d be great. Thanks.

@PicklesTFC I know that this is my problem and it is mine to deal with. I don’t know how to do that right now unfortunately. People make it so difficult for me to be around people.

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I nabbed free tickets to the prescreening of All the Money in the World in which Kevin Spacy (as the wealthy grandfather) is being played by Christopher plumber. B-bye Kev!

A little something groovy for your eyeballs and your earholes brought to you by Jr Cius.

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@PicklesTFC Wait am I allowed to talk about this stuff here? It’s legal here so I just blurt. If it offends, let me know.

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If you didn’t already know this about me, I clustertoot.

Yes, I did just say, “I like a good ambush.” Who doesn’t, really?

Let me explain something to you...

Yeah, I don’t care either. Keep doing you like only you can. Iz kewl.

Ok, so we’ve probably all encountered that coworker who emails you and then comes to your desk to interrupt your workflow and tell you in person that they emailed you. This week we went one annoying evolution further when a manager came to my desk to tell me she’d sent me an important email, which as it turns out, she hadn’t actually sent.

Computer just warned me that my mouse driver wasn’t working. I closed the warning window with the mouse to show it who’s boss.

I need more people so I can talk about and and share knowledge, which I’m sure is referred to with some high-falutin’ snobby name elsewhere, but here can just be an expression of love and nerdiness with an emphasis on (y) enjoyment and learning.

Are you a whiskey beginner? Whisky-curious? Do you ever wonder what white dog is or why there’s no “y” in “whisky”? Come hither, my babies and seek knowledge with me.

(Damn. I still have characters to spare. I