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Nicki H ☑️ @PicklesTFC

@andyAstruc Cyberterrorsex? (shudder)

@Murassa so far, I'm not getting push notifications, but that usually takes developers a little extra time.

@Murassa Mastodon-iOS (I'd have answered you sooner, but I was talking to people ON MY OTHER INSTANCE. j/k I was in the bathroom.)

For those of you on #iOS, a brand new app dropped today that includes support for multiple instances. It seems pretty slick for a 1.0.

Help me out folks. I'm looking for a good instance for an
#rational thinking
#hockey fan
Who loves #largeformat #film #photography,
And has a #creative personality.

Asking for a friend. No seriously, this is what my friends look like on paper. Any suggestions for an instance?

The rain on the roof sounds oppressive. I just broke into Friday's dark chocolate stash to share with coworkers. Needless to say, I'm very popular right now.

@gohomekiki I am trying to discipline myself to post my photography and write more. I like their vibe and their federated timeline is great. It seems like a good fit.

Nicki speaks English, take two. "I MAY be moving my main in the near future."

Have I mentioned that my first language was gibberish?

Wow. What a huge difference there is changing to a young instance in which the primary language is the one I speak! I can read the federated timeline and everything. I mean get be moving my main in the near future.

@gohomekiki Good deal. I will say that I do experience IBS symptoms. They are simply dramatically reduced in frequency and intensity when I avoid dairy products.

@gohomekiki Once you can identify and separate the causes of things it helps. I had an IBS diagnosis, but the doctor who gave it was... well, I'd have to say lazy. He never had me do an elimination diet to look for potential food sensitivity. I discovered ten years later that lactose was to blame. I'm so much happier dairy free!

A quick iPhone snap of a little abstract flatware design the bartender in the pub left out yesterday.

@gohomekiki Amazing how much influence the gut has on mental function and emotional well-being, isn't it?

@IndignantBastard And there are no smug little paper clips!

@rkarabut If you can get hold of the movie "I Trust You To Kill Me" it has some wonderful live bits in it. That movie is how I came to know his music.

@rkarabut My heavens. That's gorgeous! The bent notes and the way he flirts with dissonance make it ethereal. I loved that one.

@rkarabut Left his mark, didn't he?