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Nicki H ☑️ @PicklesTFC

@dannysonwater The one I was taking pics of? The Loyalty Days parade in Long Beach, Washington.

I managed to capture every emotion I have about parades in these three shots.

@eylul Haha. That crane is wayyyy too close.

@eylul It's still great! I get a tremendous sense of the power of the storm this way.

@Curator I'm not certain how to interpret that, master curator.

@groundh0g true, but it's not even 60 degrees yet today and it's freezing in this lounge in winter.

@Meshelly If their posture has any meaning, I'd say they already are.

Not sure why there are four carloads of people in this Jiffy Lube with only two cars being serviced. Do people just hang out for the free coffee and football?

There are not stickers, but you may feel free to spraypaint your laptop and whack it a few times until it has aesthetically placed dents.

@rey I do that anyway. Perhaps I'm in the wrong instance.

The #vulpineclub unfortunately does not have stickers. But, you can feel free to chew on your belongings and make yifflike sounds while looking hella cute, and that'll get the message across

Chores << Roadtrip
But the first facilitates the latter. So here we go.