Publicando desde #Tusky y de momento me está gustando la evolución...

A ver si me convence para cambiar...

Me alegro por tí.
A mí, por primera vez en la vida, @Tusky me da error.
Una vez que entro mi correo y contraseña se detiene en esta pantalla medio opaca.
Quizá tenga que ver con lo nuevo que ellos añadieron en esta versión, me refiero a in-app authentication...😓...

My phone is a
Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime device with Android 5. I know it is some old, but I have never had this problem before, even with the previous release.
Anyway, I am downloading the recent update for the System web view. Let's see if this helps.
I'll let you know.

@Piky_Nieves @enjey no, this looks like a bug on our end. Will fix as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Ok. That's ok. Will wait for a further release. Thanks for your time.
Have a nice Major Week.

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