hanzo’s in rehab. the wedding’s off. i dont know if it will ever be back on. he’s not the man i asked to marry me. its the crack i think

Reminder since apparently no one else is gonna say it: undertale

Remember in 5th grade if you coughed everyone would accuse you of having ebola

Remember that shitty animated show yall mega kinned. Peepoo the performer or some shit

My talents include drinking vodka straight up and not emerging from my room in days. Although i think its called depression but im good at it

Monster monster high monster high monster monster high come on dont be shy monster high the party never dies

*spits blood* Nnghh… *looks around and see’s the dead bodies of 9300 homophobes and, 800 bigrats and 300 raceists* That all your got…

Do NOT fucking touch me. Do you know how many retoots i get a day? Dont fucking touch me.

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