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hey y'all, money is super tight right now but i need to pick up some much needed home goods asap. can anyone spare some $ for things like lightbulbs, tp, etc? any little bit helps...



hey y'all, I'm disabled, unemployed, and have been fighting to get on disability for over a year. i really need help to get my name changed. i need $300. help a desperate gal in need?

square cash


I'm a disabled, unemployed trans woman trying to get help to pay for a name change. help me get this important thing done?

square cash


the naya commander deck not having nesting dragon seems like a big mistake. it's not particularly pricy and it fits perfectly. in addition to making a token that makes another token, it also has an extra synergy with Atla.

shitpost, VERY LEWD 

anybody want to buy a very depressed and very broke gal some lunch? i could really use it.

Euphoria reaction 

Euphoria ep 8: final episode adds human immolation, abortion, robbery, and a very unsatisfying ending...

Euphoria ep 7: adds Car crash, teen pregnancy, weird organ stuff (not exactly body horror but might be warned if you're squeamish)


Euphoria ep 6: big addition of sexual assault. not the way you might think but it is what it is.

Euphoria ep 5: only additions to the already long cw list is lots of shots of bruises, and cops.

Euphoria ep 4: this episode adds involuntary psych ward confinement, suicide attempt, physical abuse, choking, blackmail, and the ever present "asshole is probably secretly gay" trope.

Euphoria ep 3: didn't add too much. most of the earlier ones still apply tho. also this episode had festish activity, invasion of privacy, college hazing, and a depiction of a break down. gonna take a break myself...

Euphoria ep 2: pretty much all the same ones from episode 1 plus guns, murder, abusive parents, depiction of an overdose, needles, kidnapping, family arguments, stalking, cancer, nonconsensual filming of sex, slurs, lying about blacking out, manipulation

Euphoria ep 1: CW/TW for lots of drug use, lots of drinking, lots of nudity from characters who are supposed to be teens as well as sex, rough sex, adultry, self harm, blood, threats of violence, knives, very cis-gazey with the trans girl.

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