the naya commander deck not having nesting dragon seems like a big mistake. it's not particularly pricy and it fits perfectly. in addition to making a token that makes another token, it also has an extra synergy with Atla.

4. Applied some washes and started clean up. i think this is where I'll be stopping for now.

i want to get the hair started then finish clean up and finally start on detailing. coming together well so far i think.

not bad for my first time painting in over a year i think?

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3. got base colors down. (Note I'm waiting to do the hair because i have a specific color set arriving just for that and I'll add it when it gets here.)

very earthy tones, with a "golden" skin. next comes some washes...

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2. Primed with Reaper Black primer. My new gray primer didn't arrive in time for this mini but since she'll be a lot of earthy and darker colors anyway black is a fine undercoat. Gray is better for not making base coat colors as dark.

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painting process thread.
1. Unprimed, plastic miniature.
Figure is Nelly from the Zombicide: Black Plague board game. I love the idea of a simple bar maid who took up the sword for whatever reason. deff a character idea I'll play in a future game!

Political meme 

here's my tweet that went viral recently:

them: "as you get older you'll become more conservative."

me: *every year I've been alive*

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