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I'm slowly following people I would normally follow here over at one of my alts.

@PinkCathodeCat (

@PinkCathodeCat (

@PinkCathodeCat (

I probably won't use this much as it's gotten a bit big and unwieldy. feel free to follow me on all or one, depending on your preferences.

happy new year, darlings. may we have an easier time of it this round.

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:emergency:​ Big Ol' PSA :emergency:

Hey! You should leave!

Here's some better places for you go instead!

feel free to share any more instances you'd recommend!

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Mastodiscourse, cynicism+anger, ableism disc. Show more

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Finally happy with my #Emacs appearance.
- Turn off scroll bars and tool bar
- Translucent background
- tango-dark theme
- powerline menubar
- airline-doom-one powerline theme

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Some nice themes for Emacs, Kaolin themes:

I love the eclipse one, it goes well with Dracula, although the bg is a lot more darker I think.

Simple install:

M-x package-install RET kaolin-themes RET

#Emacs #themes #kaolin
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I love the tiny, expanding Gopher network. People hosting small public access shell servers, sometimes with only 128MB RAM, sometimes more, access via a restricted shell, sometimes with git, sometimes with a weird publishing system, all of them with Gopher hosting. 😍
It feels like the old days!

was feeling alienated and anxious so I bought xcom 2 and wotc to...kill aliens? because that makes sense.

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Hey #tex and #latex community!

Are there packages for typesetting an E-Mail for printing them?

My idea is to typeset whole archives for printing them.

Think of the love letter compendium of the modern age if you like.
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An item on your Steam wishlist is on sale. You can’t remember a time when an item on your Steam wishlist wasn’t on sale. Look within your heart: you know, deep down, that an item on your Steam wishlist will always be on sale for as long as you live.

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In other news, Google just decided to ban people from signing in if they have JavaScript disabled in their browser.

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EU just ensured I’ll never trust an autonomous car

EU hijacking: self-driving car data will be the manufacturer / Boing Boing

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@PinkCathodeCat Thing is with a lot of command line apps is that unless you get argument flags committed to memory, you'll be trawling through binders of manual pages to find what you're looking for without even knowing if that page even has what you're looking for.

Magit's smoother with visualizing unstaged, untracked, and staged files in different lists, staging with a single stroke, and it even shows most argument flags in a command's popup window for you to toggle.

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brazilpol, request for help for friends that need it Show more

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Speaking of hotels, there's a strike here in Hawaii against the multi-billion dollar hotel industry that pays starvation-wages, jacks up rents (made me and my kids homeless) and uses bastardizations of my native culture's sacred dances as sexy entertainment for rich people (hula girls, etc).

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Don't let Google News decide which stories you see, control your own news with RSS:

Also, did you know you can follow any Mastodon account through RSS?

Just add ".rss" to the end of the account's address, for example:

#RSS #News #NewsFeeds #DeleteGoogle #DeleteGoogleNews

psa: could the dudes of masto please stop assuming that I, a woman, know nothing on first interaction with any tech related toots I may make?

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Add the snippet below to your init file then use `M-x mastodon-account--follow` to follow people using mastodon.el by @johnson

Gave up, using the memoir class. Not impressed, as it makes my page count longer and I need to save paper for exam notes. (I'll try to compress the table of contents into two column)

and my \subsubparagraph definition is breaking in . I've got the weird behavior same as where it is created but it prints the title twice.I also require the numbers :(

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