You have to be fucking joking if you think I'll put my passwords into a thing that's subscription based. And not open source.

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@PinkCathodeCat Did you know LastPass has options for export that are standard file formats (CSV/XML)?

I bought into their system awhile back because the exports are actually generally useful.

I do wish that KeePass had a proper OSS mobile option sooner though. I missed out on that brand of awesome.

@devurandom @PinkCathodeCat is also an option with TOTP if you're looking to avoid Google Authenticator and it's ilk.

@kemonine @PinkCathodeCat Not directly related but I'm curious if Plan 9's factotum system could be implemented for other OSs.
It's basically a safe storage for secrets.

@PinkCathodeCat pass is the only password manager I've found that suits all my needs.

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