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“Well this is an exceptionally cute idea, but there is absolutely no way that anyone is going to have any faith in this currency.”


Good to know Hacker News has changed little over the years


We're looking for a new Comms Director! 😀 Know anyone who is qualified and wants to help tell the world about Tor? 🤓 Please help us spread the word. 👍


♲ @derBorys (derBorys@twitter.com): Ich so, in etwas über einer Woche -> (wieder) eingetreten, Aufgenommen und zum 1V im KV gewählt worden & Willkommenspaket abgestaubt. #Läuft #PIRATEN

L'analyse et coup d’œil passionnant de @felix de @LaQuadrature sur les boites noires, les ambiguïtés juridiques et le DPI laquadrature.net/fr/renseignem

GCHQ says cyber-spies 'over-achieved' say MPs. bbc.com/news/technology-424259 The UK has substantially increased its hacking capabilities in recent years, an official report says.

twitter.com/open_spectrum/stat cc @dotrudel@twitter.com
RT @open_spectrum@twitter.com 50 years after being declared illegal, former pirate Radio Caroline wins community license and tomorrow at noon will take over 648kHz (previously used by BBC World Service) -

Kann jemand bestätigen das seit dem letzten Kernel Update bei :fedora: die WLAN Geschwingdikeit abgebaut hat?

#fedora #wlan

Any other Pirate Party accounts on here? Plz lmk! Thx