How the fuck do you use Selenium? I’m getting all kinds of errors ova here!

@Gert001badger from what I understand, I SHOULD be able to make a simple Python script which uses Selenium to interact with webpages, but it’s all like “ur chromedriver needs to be in PATH blah blah”

If I remember you need the chrome driver for chrome, the gecko driver for firefox.
Then you need to add them to path.

@Gert001badger working with chrome so been using chrome driver. Using Codeanywhere server so the file structure doesn’t seem to match examples I’ve seen online and darn if I haven’t tried so many ways of adding it to the path without success. Stackexchange help me!

@Gert001badger ahh, first thing I see on seleniums documentation is basically “make sure not to do this the way you did it”

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