Question to the both of you @talkpine.

What is a project you want to see on the pinephone that can be realistically done by a beginner programmer who's looking to get their hands dirty and expand their skillset? Be it practical, cool or just plain fun, throw us some ideas!

@PitrusCitrus @talkpine Perhaps adding functionality to an existing application might be a good way to start?

@riddian @talkpine yeah, I'd love to see if I can get my watchy to work with one of the existing watch companion apps as soon as it arrives in the mail :D

@talkpine @PitrusCitrus that’s a nice idea actually! Also, hadn’t heard of Watchy until you mentioned it, thanks 👍

@PitrusCitrus @talkpine Things that needs building

* wifi analyzer replacement
* Good cookie clicker replacement
* Pushover client
* Bluetooth LE browser

@PitrusCitrus @talkpine Roku remote? That accounts for 30% of my phone use because the kids lose all the other remotes.

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