🎉 Friday fun tip! Change your story points system to binary and see product owners and management freak out!

“101 story points?!” 😱

I stopped calling my website my "blog" about a year ago. And currently working on a redesign that's less bloggy and more old school website. Because that's what it is: some articles, some demos, some media — it's just not a blog.

Anybody here hinted their fonts to snap nicely to a 7x7 grid?

Been doing simple demo effects for the as warming up for some proper coding. I 💖 the close-to-the-metal feeling of coding 6502 (well, 6510 technically) machine language!

6502 coding woes: optimising your code, then finding out the compression routine made a smaller file of the unoptimised code 😢

Anybody here got a Venn Diagram of

Typography project // Drawing on a C64 \\ Working with Roel

hanging above their bed? No?

Been looking at some Bees And Bombs style animations to implement in 6510 machine language. Fooled myself a couple of times. "Okay, just rotate this 180 degrees" is a oneliner in modern computerings, but on 8 bit microcomputers you'd have to calculate the pixels of each frame, the draw the frame, calculate the next one, etc.


Is "doing some real proper cool stuff on an old 8 bit microcomputer" on your bucket list?

Where to find job openings for web (font) related work in the type industry? Asking for a friend.

It's like a purple dungaree wearing housewife with orange hair and a 90s synthesiser vomits incense into your ears. It's relaxing.

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In my search for non-offensive, generic background muzak that isn't of the nervous-making electronic type, I came across gems I would never admit on Twitter

Love ya, wolfies! 💖

Fun fact! 🎉This opinion is much more unpopular on Twitter!

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Everyone seems to agree open offices can be a chaotic mess. But what's the alternative, when having 30 peeps om the work floor, all in rotating teams?

Every single person an office?

Just finished setting up a little build system assembling 6502 machine language to a C64 executable, and opening in it in a C64 emulator. Went even easier than expected. Feels nerdy, feels _good._

Unpopular CSS fonts opinion:

I think `font-feature-settings` is a lot easier to understand and work with than `font-variant-*`

But please do @ me!


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