Unpopular CSS fonts opinion:

I think `font-feature-settings` is a lot easier to understand and work with than `font-variant-*`

But please do @ me!

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Fun fact! 🎉This opinion is much more unpopular on Twitter!

@PixelAmbacht I agree. It’s nice to have direct control over what’s happening with the font, like driving a car with a manual transmission vs an automatic or something.

@cjdunn Me too, but folks who don't speak OpenType seem to struggle with the four letter features. I get that, though.

Still I grok that much easier than this rather convoluted syntax:

@PixelAmbacht yeah totally. I didn’t even know about that weird syntax.

I was thinking of the unintuitive ways it dealt with smcp vs c2sc and such, which I remember being annoyed by. Overall it seem abstracted in unnecessary and unhelpful ways. I prefer the transparency of font-feature-settings. If only they would cascade they would be pretty much perfect, but it sounds like that’s not gonna happen ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@cjdunn That's why we need hacks leveraging the cascadiness of CSS custom properties *steps aside to reveal and throws 17 confettis on it*

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