god i think no other text has ever been written as slowly as the 17 words I have up to now and not counting please send blurb-help!

@kupfers It's carnaval. I am on top of my blurb game. I blurb left, I blurb right. Got blurbing that needs to be done? Ping me. Always ping me when blurb.

@PixelAmbacht OK! Need 4 more notable blurbs by tonight (actually by last Friday but 🤷‍♂️)


@kupfers In "Cheese, a retrospective", one of the most average practitioners of type, Dennis, shares his thoughts on typography, coffee, the design of sweaters featuring goats in clothes, and of course cheese. It's riveting, it's wacky — it's cheese!

@PixelAmbacht Why does not everyone hire you as their copy writer? 🤩

@kupfers I think I have given ample proof of why not. Succes!

@PixelAmbacht OK, I did it. There are some weird gems like “joined by a serif that gladly took all excess flavour the sans wanted to shed”, “lends metropolitan vibes to even the most down-to-earth copy” and “takes a stance where whispering is not an option” but I swear I didn’t put anything in my tea in the process.

@kupfers Crikey! My €3 bottle of wine turned into one of those ice cream gelato espresso coffee hipster drinks just from reading that! Excellent texts there. I would try to one-up you but I'm so completely out of my league that I'll just photograph my drink now, and put that online.

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