@kupfers Please clarify which pasta, because Nutella is a pasta (here) and Nutella plus hagelslag is OBVIOUSLY the food of the gods. Even on that *other* pasta.

@kupfers Crikey! My €3 bottle of wine turned into one of those ice cream gelato espresso coffee hipster drinks just from reading that! Excellent texts there. I would try to one-up you but I'm so completely out of my league that I'll just photograph my drink now, and put that online.

@kupfers In "Cheese, a retrospective", one of the most average practitioners of type, Dennis, shares his thoughts on typography, coffee, the design of sweaters featuring goats in clothes, and of course cheese. It's riveting, it's wacky — it's cheese!

@kupfers It's a well known fact among the typographic elite that turning letters upside down is disasterous for comprehensible reading. Some even say "it's pretty dumb". It wasn't until E. Spiekermann's legendary proposal in his text "Oppekop" that the negative effect on readability could be offset by turning the paper. This revolutionized nothing in particular, but was interesting nonetheless.

@kupfers Ok sorry only mastodonned until right now but here's one:

Nipples — a fascinating but largely uneffective means of keyboard data input. Scientists have agreed that fingers are a much more effective bodily appendix, possibly even the best. Regardless, new scientific data indicates that through manipulation of our subconcious nipples might become a viable alternative. Will mankind reject the finger monopoly and embrace this radical alternative?

@kupfers It's carnaval. I am on top of my blurb game. I blurb left, I blurb right. Got blurbing that needs to be done? Ping me. Always ping me when blurb.

🎉 Friday fun tip! Change your story points system to binary and see product owners and management freak out!

“101 story points?!” 😱

I stopped calling my website my "blog" about a year ago. And currently working on a redesign that's less bloggy and more old school website. Because that's what it is: some articles, some demos, some media — it's just not a blog.

@redlegion I never done that. But I created a few shitty pixel fonts on that grid.

Anybody here hinted their fonts to snap nicely to a 7x7 grid?

Been doing simple demo effects for the as warming up for some proper coding. I 💖 the close-to-the-metal feeling of coding 6502 (well, 6510 technically) machine language!

6502 coding woes: optimising your code, then finding out the compression routine made a smaller file of the unoptimised code 😢

Anybody here got a Venn Diagram of

Typography project // Drawing on a C64 \\ Working with Roel

hanging above their bed? No?

Been looking at some Bees And Bombs style animations to implement in 6510 machine language. Fooled myself a couple of times. "Okay, just rotate this 180 degrees" is a oneliner in modern computerings, but on 8 bit microcomputers you'd have to calculate the pixels of each frame, the draw the frame, calculate the next one, etc.


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