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Time for an updated pin. Hey all! I make things that I think should exist.

I have an Etsy shop:

I made a cyberpunk tarot deck:

And a post apocalyptic western gothic tarot deck:

And a webcomic:

Here's some of my art:

Hello, adorable! The prototype deck is here and it is so good

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I've just decided, October seems like a good time to watch Demon City Shinjuku for the first time in 20 years.

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Today's creature is Bækhest from the upcoming Adorabyssal Oracle

Theme: Glamour.

About: The Bækhest or brook horse is a Scandinavian creature similar to a Kelpie. It is described as an unaturally glamorous white horse that appears near rivers in foggy weather. It was said that anyone who climbed on the horse would then be stuck on its back as it jumped back into the river, taking them with it.

Hello from your friendly neighborhood cryptid

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Today's tarot draw is Ace of Arms from
Themes for this card include: Power, clarity, victory, truth.

"You are prepared for the situation ahead with clarity of mind and purpose."

I made a Major Arcana themed playlist on Spotify and I guess you can listen to it if you like that kind of thing:

Switching things up a bit as I approach the release of the Adorabyssal Oracle Deck.

Today's creature is Namazu from the Adorabyssal Oracle!

Theme: Control.

About: Namazu is a giant catfish from Japanese mythology. It is said to live in the mud under Japan and is restrained by the god Kashima with a stone. When Kashima gets distracted and is unable to control Namazu, Namazu proceeds to thrash about and cause violent earthquakes.

Today's tarot draw is The Inverted Emperor from
Themes for this card include: Domination, rigidity.

"An inverted emperor can signify troubles with authority. There may be an abusive and controlling authority in your life that requires you to stand up to authority or to try to wrest control of the situation. It is also possible you'll need to avoid this over-bearing authority entirely and focus yourself elsewhere."

Today's tarot draw is Agent of Vials from
Themes for this card include: Motivation, imagination, inspiration.

"You should move forward with your dreams, but be sure to keep the constraints of realizing them firmly in mind. Be ready to embark on the passion or journey you've always wanted to, but be sure to balance out your ideas and thoughts with actual, realistic actions."

Today's tarot draw is Fortune from
Themes for this card include: Destiny, luck, gratitude.

"This is a card of cycles and change. Good and bad times both come and go, and everything changes. Don't be discouraged if you are blocked, as everyone experiences problems. The important thing is to eventually move past them. You may be experiencing dramatic change but do not be alarmed. Concentrate on yourself as the anchored center point around which events in your life churn."

Today's tarot draw is The Priestess from
Themes for this card include: Intuition, the subconscious, mystery.

"The High Priestess represents a link to the subconscious. She is wise, understanding, and calm. This card encourages you to pay attention to your inner voice and intuition."

If Sabin can suplex a train then I can finish the art revisions for this Oracle deck this weekend.

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