creepy costume 

It's not intentional but probably all of my decks will end up with dyad names accidentally.

Promotional, drawn nudity 

Promotional, images with drawn nudity 

Impulse bought and binged Samurai Zero last night and I am very glad to have played it. Maybe I’ll go back through it sometime.

Cartoon fairie booty 

Today's Tarot Draw is the Ten of Vials and Bake-Kujira from

"Bask in fulfillment and happiness while you can, and try to weather the storm of your misfortunes. Good and bad both come and go and within the center of it all is you and your life. Everything is temporary, but that doesn’t make it meaningless.”

Today's Tarot Draw is the Apprentice of Arms and Ghost from

"It’s easy to let your enthusiasm, curiousity and drive get quieted over time. It’s important to keep those things active, even if you have to find new outlets to do so.”

Today's Tarot Draw is the Nine of Wires and the Jersey Devil from

"Today, be proud and stand up for what you believe in, you are unstoppable.”

Today's Tarot Draw is the Nine of Cups and Cait Sidhe from

"Don't let the haters dim your shine today. Bask in the glow of your good fortune and don't let anyone make you feel like you don't deserve it.”

Violence, gore(slight) 

Today's Oracle Draw is Demon from

"Chaos can mean less structure than we’re used to, but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. A little random impulse can add excitement and adventure to your life. Take a route you wouldn’t normally, roll a die to pick a lunch spot, do something you don’t expect of yourself today.”

Today's Tarot Draw is the upright Ifrit and the inverted Seven of Cups from

“Sometimes getting lost in your own head and your fantasies can be helpful, but this is not that time. Reclaim your power and rejoin the real world today. Let those thoughts air out, they don’t need your attention right now.”

Today's tarot draw is Temperance from
Themes for this card include: Balance, calm, moderation, wisdom.

"This card represents patience, moderation, and calm balance. You are encouraged to be patient and take time to self-evaluate so as to bring about a stronger peace within yourself."

“Maybe if the iPhone was cheaper than a MacBook it would sell better” — Nobody at these tech sites, apparently

Today's Tarot Draw is the upright Olgoi-Khorkhoi and the inverted tower from

"Mistakes have a habit of repeating themselves until they are learned from. Don't resist a change that is necessary for your growth, lest you become the person who thinks they're always right that everyone avoids because they're actually just poisonous to be around."


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