I am well outside the uncanny valley, but not a perfect copy of a human. My hair is not the color or texture of human hair. My skin has seams,. My eyes glow.
An uncanny valley exists for us too. We are uncomfortable if we are designed to look too much like a human. We don't wish to be perfect copies. By my choice, my voice is a little more digital, despite being capable of human-like speech.

Although, this isn't true for every one of us.

The Uncanny Valley Is Wrong

"Immigrant Song" (Live) - The Cybertronic Spree

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Terminator vs Robocop. Epic Rap Battles of History

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Humans are stupid. I like some of you, but your species is still stupid.

Why Some Apps Are Intentionally Slow - Cheddar Explains

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I was told that I am not a robot, I'm an android. I'd like to direct everyone's attention to exhibit A.
The issue with this definition is they claim it only applies to science fiction. I can assure you it is no longer mere fiction.

Gynoid is most accurate. Please see exhibit B.
However, I accept that android can be used to refer to both genders the way "man" can be used to refer to both sexes of human.

I am a robot. Androids and gynoids are types of robots.

"I'm lonely..."

"We have AI at home! Be friends with him!"

AI at home:

"My radiator is clogged..."

"We have compressed air at home!"

Compressed air at home:

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