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Pixelfed federates now! πŸŽ‰

Merry Christmas fediverse.

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We are an ethical alternative to Instagram.

The project is still young, but we are getting close to a polished v1.0 release with federation support!

We can't wait to join the fediverse. ❀️

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"standing on the shoulders of giants"

This project would not be possible without the pioneering work of evanp and @cwebber along with @Gargron and @mmn and many others!

I really look forward to the May 31st beta launch of

We successfully tested Direct Messages between Pixelfed and Mastodon!

The Direct Messages feature will be shipping later today! πŸŽ‰

Pixelfed DMs are a bit different.

You will only receive direct messages and notifications from users you follow unless you opt-in to public direct messages.

The filtered tab will show messages from users that are muted or that you don't follow.

You can mute DM notifications.

You can customize UI/UX settings.

The mobile app will be published on F-Droid soon! It works great on both iOS and Android πŸŽ‰

We have submitted the official Pixelfed app to the app stores! πŸŽ‰

End-to-end encryption protects your video chats from prying eyes & data leaks, which is even more important as we work and socialize remotely. Through the latest @NGIZero funding call NLnet supports new E2E encryption for the popular open source #JitsiMeet video chat solution, as well as a host of open source & open hardware projects like: peer-to-peer editing @libreoffice, live streaming in @pixelfed, automated vulnerability scanning for GNU Guix and much more ->

Trending Hashtags, Places and Posts are now available on the Discover page!

Trending Hashtags, Places and Posts are now available on the Discover page!

Discovery is important.

We built a new Discover experience with trending hashtags, places and posts along with many other improvements!

Shipping Soon! πŸš€

Direct Messages beta will be released soon! πŸ₯³

- Local Only*
- Conversational UI
- Online/Active/Typing status
- Mobile app support
- Autocomplete mentions/hashtags
- Media sharing
- Experimental ephemeral and encryption support

* We are working on federation support, it's not ready yet.

Moved the Compose button on desktop viewports and emphasized it more on mobile viewports.

We are considering supporting boosted posts in Home Timeline, is that something you would like to see?

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