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We do not operate any instances, if you need assistance with a specific pixelfed website please contact an admin from that instance!

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Pixelfed federates now! 🎉

Merry Christmas fediverse.

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We are an ethical alternative to Instagram.

The project is still young, but we are getting close to a polished v1.0 release with federation support!

We can't wait to join the fediverse. ❤️

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"standing on the shoulders of giants"

This project would not be possible without the pioneering work of evanp and @cwebber along with @Gargron and @mmn and many others!

I really look forward to the May 31st beta launch of

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Instagram was ranked as the most toxic social media platform[0].

Pixelfed can do better but we need your help.

I'm organizing working groups to contribute solutions that improve platform safety.

Follow @PixelfedLabs for the latest updates!

0 -

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Pixelfed users will be able to block domains, I forgot I shipped this already but found a few bugs. Will be shipping the bug fixes shortly!

In the near future you will be able to export/import block lists across Pixelfed instances.

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We will be banning Gab domains in the next version (v0.9.5) due for release in the next few days.

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Pixelfed Labs will be establishing working groups to tackle a wide range of issues and topics related to pixelfed and social media.

The first batch of groups will be:
- Abuse Prevention
- Accessibility
- Privacy
- Youth Safety
- Dark Pattern Prevention
- Security

We will need your help. You will have a chance to shape pixelfed's future and make it more inclusive and safe for everyone.

For more info, follow @PixelfedLabs

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We are organizing our first working groups to tackle Abuse Prevention and Youth Safety on Pixelfed.

Will be announcing more in the next few days!

#pixelfedLabs #pixelfed #safety

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It shouldn't take Gab joining the fediverse for developers/admins to take platform safety seriously.

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v0.9.5 major updates:

- Photo improvements (filters + alt tags)
- Admin dashboard updates
- User settings updates
- Video support + Loops updates
- Discover updates
- Bulk manage followers/following
- Contact form/page
- CW Comments
- Admin Custom Page Editor
- Admin Configuration Editor
- Performance improvements
- Remote Following
- Remote posts (search, like, share, comment, report)

and more!

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Full federation timeline:

v0.9.5 - Remote follows, remote posts in home timeline (ETA: ~1 day)

v0.9.6 - Shared inbox, profile refetching, bug fixes (ETA: ~1 week)

v0.9.7 - Network timeline (ETA: ready now)

v0.9.8 - Direct Messages (ETA: ready now)

v0.9.9 - Bug fixes and TBA features

Keep in mind that opt-in federation updates in v0.9.5 will be extremely experimental.

Enabling the federation experiments is not recommended for production instances until v0.9.6 or later.

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Instance admins can now set custom about/privacy/terms pages!

Available in the latest commits :pixelfed:

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5 Years, 5 ambitious alternatives.

2014 - Misskey
2015 - Hubzilla
2016 - Mastodon
2017 - Pleroma
2018 - Pixelfed

We have added warnings to comments that may contain sensitive content.

You can see an example on this post

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Hello folks!

We're going to be releasing a new experiment to help improve platform safety and reduce spam and malicious content ahead of the full federation release.

#pixelfedLabs #pixelfed #safety

Please update your pixelfed instance ASAP.

We have fixed a bug introduced earlier today that could have locked a single user out of their account.

We apologize for not catching this bug sooner.

Special thanks to @tuneintodetuned for alerting us to this bug.

To see if you have an affected profile on your instance, run the following command in artisan tinker:


If the response is 0, you have no affected accounts.

To fix an affected account:

$email = 'users email here';
$user = User::whereEmail('')->first();
$user->email = $email;
$user->email_verified_at = now();

- PSA Update -

We have shipped a fix and tested in production.

When we moved the email settings to its own page, we did not update the logic, leading to an unfortunate bug.

If a user updated their name, bio or website on an instance running the latest commits, it would clear their email and email verified at timestamp.

The bug would only affect one account per instance due to the unique constraint of the email column.

It's easy to fix the affected account by setting their email manually...

⚠️PSA ⚠️

If you run an instance and updated to the latest commits today, please put the instance in maintenance mode until further notice.

More info to follow shortly.

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PSA: If you are having issues with Redis/Horizon not generating thumbnails, federating or loading notifications and see the following error in your logs:

production.ERROR: Non-static method Redis::zRangeByScore() cannot be called statically

You probably have the redis php extension installed and is conflicting with the predis library we use.

To fix the issue, you can uninstall phpredis or update the database config file to load the proper driver as described here:

✅ Easy Installation

✅ Powerful Admin Dashboard

✅ One click updates

Shipping in v0.9.5 with Remote Follows!

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