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Behold the Halberd-Leaved Rose Mallow! Mallows (like hibiscus and okra) are great because they grow in swamps and make disgusting slime and we turn that ooze into marshmallows and gumbo. Bumblebees and several moth species feed off this mallow, including a moth named, incredibly, Delightful Bird-Dropping Moth. The saucer-sized showy flowers bloom for a single day, and I guess...the leaves...look like a halberd? A kind of sword? Sure!

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Been here a few days, here's my intro 

! I'm Karen, I live on a small farm in Champaign, Illinois. I'm married to Kyle, who is the only good man. My cats are Shankly and Evelyn; I also have several chickens. I scan books for the Internet Archive and have only ever worked in libraries, a neat trick for a college dropout. I like baseball (Cubs/Twins), socialism (Chambana DSA), disability rights, figure skating, and prairies. I am older than I look, please guess.

Okay friends, I am moving to please follow me there, boost pls, I will do a wildflower post tonight

Okay I think I might move to knzk for real, it seems like a nice-sized pond and all my loveliest mutuals are moving there

My husband, looking over my shoulder: oh, are you farting?
me: ....yep, I guess
Husband: This is the platform you chose!

I need more normie people to follow cos you’re all too cool for me. Where’s fiat 500 tooter at.

Twitter just sent me a notification that was "(person) follows you - join (person I follow) and 5 others in following them" which is getting REAL desperate, guys

Making more and more accounts on more and more instances as a way to avoid just leaving social media altogether, very healthy and normal of me

Too many people in my monkeysphere this week, see ya

Coastal buttercup or hibbertia racemosa. A yellow beauty in my garden. I do love a yellow flower

Residing at the center of the Pumpkin Spice Labyrinth is the dreaded Thing Enjoyer

If we're doing "Infinite Jest is bad" memes today I'm quitting

A little #introduction toot.
My sanctuary is the #garden of my Sleepy Hamlet home. I am building my collection of native plants and learning to grow food.
I love to be near water and #photograph the beauty I see.
I am owned by Karri the #cat and Miranda, Tilly and Tully the #chickens.
I love to #bake and share and generally try to make a positive difference where I can.
Laughter is the best form of breathing.
#Tea helps everything

USpol, alcohol 

The Chicago Tribune ran a piece about breweries doing beers with anti-Trump labels and names, and that donate money to progressive causes, and here are some of the emails the writer's gotten in reply

good morning tooters. hope everyone gets a chance to smile today

Pixie Crunch is the best apple, followed by Arkansas Black, with Jazz being the best apple that's definitely at the grocery store nearest you, I will be accepting no dissent, thank you

if your kids are scared of monsters in the closet give them some chalk and iron filings and a grimoire. it's called the tools to succeed

He knows I hate when the New Yorker puts the president on the cover, I'd much rather look at these paws

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