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Been here a few days, here's my intro 

Okay friends, I am moving to @Pixley please follow me there, boost pls, I will do a wildflower post tonight

Okay I think I might move to knzk for real, it seems like a nice-sized pond and all my loveliest mutuals are moving there

My husband, looking over my shoulder: oh, are you farting?
me: ....yep, I guess
Husband: This is the platform you chose!

I need more normie people to follow cos you’re all too cool for me. Where’s fiat 500 tooter at.

Twitter just sent me a notification that was "(person) follows you - join (person I follow) and 5 others in following them" which is getting REAL desperate, guys

Making more and more accounts on more and more instances as a way to avoid just leaving social media altogether, very healthy and normal of me

Too many people in my monkeysphere this week, see ya

Coastal buttercup or hibbertia racemosa. A yellow beauty in my garden. I do love a yellow flower

Residing at the center of the Pumpkin Spice Labyrinth is the dreaded Thing Enjoyer

boost if u are impressed at how many boxes Bear managed to sit in all at the same time

If we're doing "Infinite Jest is bad" memes today I'm quitting

A little #introduction toot.
My sanctuary is the #garden of my Sleepy Hamlet home. I am building my collection of native plants and learning to grow food.
I love to be near water and #photograph the beauty I see.
I am owned by Karri the #cat and Miranda, Tilly and Tully the #chickens.
I love to #bake and share and generally try to make a positive difference where I can.
Laughter is the best form of breathing.
#Tea helps everything

USpol, alcohol 

good morning tooters. hope everyone gets a chance to smile today

Pixie Crunch is the best apple, followed by Arkansas Black, with Jazz being the best apple that's definitely at the grocery store nearest you, I will be accepting no dissent, thank you

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