@Monsieur_celibataire well, there was some instance drama re: silencing, but also .social is just really big, and people are seeing the value in smaller spaces.

Okay friends, I am moving to @Pixley please follow me there, boost pls, I will do a wildflower post tonight

Okay I think I might move to knzk for real, it seems like a nice-sized pond and all my loveliest mutuals are moving there

@crumbleneedy I wouldn't know, I have literally never enjoyed a Soundgarden song in my life

My husband, looking over my shoulder: oh, are you farting?
me: ....yep, I guess
Husband: This is the platform you chose!

I need more normie people to follow cos you’re all too cool for me. Where’s fiat 500 tooter at.

Twitter just sent me a notification that was "(person) follows you - join (person I follow) and 5 others in following them" which is getting REAL desperate, guys

Making more and more accounts on more and more instances as a way to avoid just leaving social media altogether, very healthy and normal of me

Too many people in my monkeysphere this week, see ya

Coastal buttercup or hibbertia racemosa. A yellow beauty in my garden. I do love a yellow flower

@realmaxkeeble it was INCREDIBLY played out when it came out, it is in a tone that registers to me as bloated whining, and it consists of twenty seconds of song stretched into four intolerable minutes

Residing at the center of the Pumpkin Spice Labyrinth is the dreaded Thing Enjoyer

@jizzwitch@bofa.lol @online_derp @dickbutt@bofa.lol I can see all of you

@corn_dick My mom and I got rear-ended by a semi, she's a paraplegic now

@online_derp @jizzwitch@bofa.lol you *can* put pumpkin in beer (my husband did it). It doesn't really add much to the flavor.

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