twitter got suspended again! dunno what I expected from a website made by a white supremacist, for white sumpremacists. So, done with that fucking shit. I'll be posting exclusively here now

@Pixyl Any particularly spicy content that got you suspended?

@KWierso nope! literally no reason given, and i scanned all my tweets going back a month, no flaggable words that I know of. So. whatever

@Pixyl I have arrived at this unfamiliar land

But there's a friendly face that brought me here <3

@Pixyl Welcome! Sorry about the circumstances though ;w;

@Pixyl We’ll follow you wherever the wind takes you, cap’n

@Pixyl twitter just keeps turning more and more into a trash fire

@Pixyl holy shit im so sorry this happened again?! did your AD get suspended too?

@Pixyl Man Twitter is fucking awful sometimes, sorry you're having to go through all of this

@Pixyl I keep forgetting this place exists tbh, but yeah, twitter is some bullshit

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