‪Once upon a time I wrote a paper in college about how a play explicitly about the experiences of women was not, in fact, just about women because it resonated with me in ways that I believed to be universal. And yet, it still took me 17 more years to realize I was trans.‬

‪We pave the paths we walk, even if we are unsure of the destination.‬

‪Near as I can tell, Northern cuisine comes 2 ways:‬

‪1) Eat this, you deserve to suffer‬

‪2) You have suffered, so eat this, and be rewarded with an early grave‬

This has been a difficult year in so many ways, but in one way, it was a very good year. And that outweighs all the others.

‪My baby gave me a clear, purposeful kiss.‬

‪If you all will excuse me, I'm going to go melt in a corner while my heart explodes.‬

‪I've been thinking a lot about the Three Kings, who are present in every Nativity but barely half a dozen sentences in the Bible.‬

‪There's something marvelous in their story, a trio of wealthy astronomers from somewhere east of Bethlehem, traveling for months--if not years--because the stars told them a religious leader was about to be born and they WERE NOT GOING TO MISS IT.‬

‪FOMO we can all relate to, I'm sure.‬

‪Fixed a toilet and sung a baby to sleep in the span of ten minutes, so yeah, I'm feeling pretty good about myself.‬

On the eighth night, we were joyous, for we no longer had to rely on miracles to light our way.

‪I am unreasonably stressed about being unable to choose which garbage food I want strangers to bring to my doorstep for dinner.‬

On the sixth night, we were discomforted, for hope had been absent in our hearts for so long.

‪Ever dream about a sandwich and the make it and eat it and have it be even better than you hoped for and you're suddenly incredibly satisfied with your life choices?‬


‪(sharp cheddar cheese, smoked turkey breast, soft-pretzel stuffing, gravy, pickles, and sweet pea micro-greens on a toasted roll, in case you were wondering)‬

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