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Jared Axelrod @Planetx@mastodon.social

‪Near as I can tell, Northern cuisine comes 2 ways:‬

‪1) Eat this, you deserve to suffer‬

‪2) You have suffered, so eat this, and be rewarded with an early grave‬

This has been a difficult year in so many ways, but in one way, it was a very good year. And that outweighs all the others.

‪My baby gave me a clear, purposeful kiss.‬

‪If you all will excuse me, I'm going to go melt in a corner while my heart explodes.‬

‪I've been thinking a lot about the Three Kings, who are present in every Nativity but barely half a dozen sentences in the Bible.‬

‪There's something marvelous in their story, a trio of wealthy astronomers from somewhere east of Bethlehem, traveling for months--if not years--because the stars told them a religious leader was about to be born and they WERE NOT GOING TO MISS IT.‬

‪FOMO we can all relate to, I'm sure.‬

‪Fixed a toilet and sung a baby to sleep in the span of ten minutes, so yeah, I'm feeling pretty good about myself.‬

On the eighth night, we were joyous, for we no longer had to rely on miracles to light our way.

‪I am unreasonably stressed about being unable to choose which garbage food I want strangers to bring to my doorstep for dinner.‬

On the seventh night, we were dreaming, for there was no other explanation.

On the sixth night, we were discomforted, for hope had been absent in our hearts for so long.

On the fifth night, we were accepting, for surely this was miracle enough.

‪Ever dream about a sandwich and the make it and eat it and have it be even better than you hoped for and you're suddenly incredibly satisfied with your life choices?‬


‪(sharp cheddar cheese, smoked turkey breast, soft-pretzel stuffing, gravy, pickles, and sweet pea micro-greens on a toasted roll, in case you were wondering)‬

On the third night, we were cautious, for good fortune never lasts for long.