absolutely shocking to me: he was asked if he discussed an ongoing investigation that is in his jurisdiction and parts of which could likely come before him with the law firm of the President's personal lawyer and he could not answer the question

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*steps op to the mic, taps to make sure it's on*
Me: Ahem
Crowd: *starts hissing angrily*
Me: Jordan--
Crowd: *shrieks in pain*
Me: Peenerson.
Crowd: *writhes in agony*

this website needs more attention starved dipshits who thrive on conflict and break down into paroxysms of manic shrieking at the slightest criticism

@helldude "Mr. Dorsey, are you familiar with the phrase "Im the helldude"?

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It would have been so epic if one of the Senators held up a picture of one of @helldude's avatars at the Hearing lol

I'm constantly reminded of Online Allen Ginsberg's epic tweetstorm entitled "ROTFHMAO (Rolling on the Floor Howling My Ass Off)":

I saw the best accounts of my generation banned for telling fascists that they "fucking suck" and should "bathe in hydrochloric acid"

I too am in awe how a billionaire who could retire tomorrow and still have more than enough money to live on for multiple lifetimes "kept his cool" while being yelled at by tech-illiterate and/or sociopathic puppets for bad faith actors about why Jumbo Jones who lives off the grid and is convinced his fillings are transmitting signals to "them" was "silenced" by private companies just because he maybe suggested to his listeners that they should harass/stalk people who think differently from him

you can tell trump dominated the airwaves in 2016 because the media totally glossed over the speech where George W Bush threatened to do another 9/11 if Jeb didn't win the Florida primary

the gab corporate account QT'd me and called me Low IQ for making fun of gab and it got 15 retweets because even the nazis don't really care about gab

i am not disengaged from twitter enough to toot with any conviction

if only a legal podcast had cogently explained the campaign finance troubles michael cohen was in when the stormy daniels story first broke 💅 💅

look away on twitter and you miss a firehose of bad news look away on mastodon and you miss a firehose of the dankest memes

It would have been funny to log on here and find that lawblob and the other dear departeds have been posting on mastodon for years

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