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Just realized I never really did an post. I'm Riley, into left-wing politics and activism. Enjoyer of cooking. Another type. You may know me from Twitter; if so, I'm sorry.

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Let's try something. If you'd like for me to follow you back and I haven't (likely because I missed the notification or you had no visible posts), leave a comment on this pinned toot

You must care about sex workers, because you are not doing work of an entirely different genus. Their interests are yours. Their rights are yours. And if you restrict their rights and speech, you better believe it'll impact you. Think about who rich people find obscene. It's everyone who isn't them.

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people who are morally/ethically correct on issues tend to over-rely on that virtue, and then they repeatedly get outmaneuvered in procedures and technicalities.

people who are morally/ethically wrong on issues are more resourceful in manipulating policies & procedures to their benefit, because that's their ONLY recourse when a position cannot win on the merits.

furiously summoning the mods because someone orange ya glad i didn't say bananad me

With respect to @selfagency: One thing that may not be coming across is the reported toot is stand alone. That is, someone had to go out of their way to find and report it. Wil W. is not @ 'd.

The admins of instances are not here to protect Wil Wheaton from any mention of his man he does not like, and did not sign up to field frivolous reports.

Hi I'd like to join please. the display name is an application

oh fuckin' hell they're silencing people for wil wheaton's benefit now? guess it's time to switch instances

My editor cracks the whip overhead and I spill the egg rolls from their bowl, spreading grease all over my keyboard.

"MORE RELATABLE!" he screams, thrusting my latest toot back into the printer and causing it to jam

Who is Todd and whatÔÇÖs this about know what, never mind

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