Okay, this is kinda cool. Since the elementary blog respects prefers-color-scheme, Ephemeral has a built-in color scheme toggle, and apps like Code have dark styles… I can make screenshots in blog posts do this. :D Gonna wrap it up in a little Jekyll include.

@cassidyjames would it be possible to make the browser chrome get the site colour from the meta information and adjust to match it?

@PlutoisAPlanet possibly, but I think I might have to like… run JavaScript in the frame or something? I haven't really looked into it.


@cassidyjames do you not have access to the meta of the page, similar to how you get the page title?

@PlutoisAPlanet I'm not sure. The title is a specific property in WebKit, but I don't know if WebKitGTK makes other meta tags easily available.

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