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Sonic Electronics - Williams / Yorke / Allen / Vo Ezn / Netz

IKLECTIK [off-site] presents,

with Jake Williams / Loula Yorke / Claude Heiland-Allen / Vo Ezn / Laura Netz

Saturday 27 February 2021 | 8.30pm (GMT)

IKLECTIK YT channel:


*Please support the artists! If you can donate, please do it at the following link: *

Sonic Electronics is an experimental event which happens 1st Wednesday monthly The Others – Stoke Newington.
Alternatively, Sonic Electronics plays one-off events at IKLECTIK.
We propose an anti-techno-capitalist approach to music genres like ambient, drone, techno, experimental, electronics, acousmatic, live coding, noise, vaporwave, glitch, industrial, post-punk, new wave…..
Sonic Electronics proposes an inclusive event to the LGBT community, female artists, no discrimination on gender, races, MH, disability.

Jake Williams

Loula Yorke

Claude Heiland-Allen

Vo Ezn

Laura Netz

@mathr @Pnze

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> You want to make a webpage because they are cool.
> You want to make it yourself, by hand and for free, because *you* are cool.
> This zine is for those who have not made a site before, especially those who don’t consider themselves coders.

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This has been on my mind for a long time, and now it's a real thing!

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cd /usr/bin ; ls -1 | shuf | xargs man # Read some random documentation to find some interesting commands. q to go to the next one. Ctrl-C to end it.

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Aki and Special Issue XIII [XPUB // Piet Zwart Institute]

- - - - -- ___ - - - ----

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#rc3 Day 3 schedule @ Feminist Hackers assembly 

VPN-zine project @ 12h00 CET

Interfaces and protocols for videocalls @ 15h00 CET

next /etc discussion @ 18h00 CET

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My interview with Nestor Sire
for The Photographers' Gallery is live! We discuss Nestor’s artistic practice and how he has engaged with the development of alternative networks that arose in Cuba, from book rental shops to El Paquete Semanal and SNET.

#smalltech #repair #diy

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Live today at Radio Quantica // -- 1200 [GMT+1] & Mutant Radio // -- 1600 [GMT+4]

Blood’s boiling waters [lever burns.

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Dearest listeners,

You are once again invited to join the #Radio Implicancies #broadcast, on air at 16:00 CEST/UTC+2 this afternoon !

Special issue 12
Weekly broadcast of recorded and live matter from the #WdKA/#PZI #XPUB programme.

In this week’s broadcast we’ll be questioning how our works depend, and have been depending all along on pre-existing material.

Is everything a #remix?
To what extent are we the #authors of our work?
In what ways do we/should we/should we not (?) own it ?

#authorship /ˈɔːθəʃɪp/ noun: the state or fact of being the writer of a book, article, or document, or the #creator of a work of art.

#ownership /ˈəʊnəʃɪp/ noun: the act, state, or #right of possessing something.

We’ll explore the frictions between the concepts of authorship and ownership, and the ways in which they can be redefined in the context of contemporary cultural #production.

We are looking forward to hearing back from you.

Join us at 4pm this afternoon, and be sure to wash your hands daily with #liquidsoap !


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The third public #broadcast of #PZI #XPUB #Radio Implicancies will be on air today, THU: 28/5 at 16:00h CEST/UTC+2!

The third broadcast is a mystery, a myth, a speculation, an insecurity, a poem perhaps.

I'm hosting an evening [SO.AO] at Mutant Radio [TBS] on May 30 [1400 GMT+4] --

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Currently up and running in the #LURK echo chamber!



"Radio Implicancies is a weekly broadcast of recorded and live matter brought to you by Piet Zwart Institute's Experimental Publishing programme.

In our second episode of the series we continue to experiment with technologies of worlding, methods of story-telling, and encounters of implicancies."

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