Mandatory training from company provides a scenario where the people inside the scenario provide a scenario...

me: *produces data based on trusted source that has worked for over 5 years*
people looking at data every month: "Is this data correct?"
me: *stares at camera*

In terms of holiday events, did the christmas thing (gift exchange) and received a padded box to store miniatures in. Gave my nephew some magic cards, a new hat and a placard(Ravenclaw!), and a gift card. Looking forward to next year, as I drew his name again.
Friend from highschool visited over new years, so got to hang out and teach a few of his friends Flux. At one point, was called "Cool" for liking both k-pop and RATM. Also got to meet his kids and sealed deck played some Ultimate Masters.

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In WoW, I've leveled 6 characters to max (making the total 8!), all thanks to the 15th anniversary battleground. Guild also completed Heroic Eternal Palace, so that was exciting. With the patch releasing in a few weeks, I'm looking forward to leveling a Vulperin, though having trouble coming up with a good name.

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December was very active.
Attended a friends game night and enjoyed playing Ladies and Gentlemen. He does a thing every first Friday of the month, so going to attempt to make those every time I can.

Going to make an effor thtis year to post at least once a week about something cool I learned/experienced, so here we go!

Thunder so loud, it set off a car alarm and shook the apartment.

@ihorner Watching last nights LRL and Fishing For Complements is my favorite skit in a long time! Thank you for all your hard work!

Went to see my niece race in junior ranking hydro plane races this weekend. She had a ton of fun, but boy has it drawn my in-law family into it.
The community seems nice and non-aggressive to those without interest, so that's good.

stress, work, living - 

So many stresses lately. Checking account was down to $40 at the beginning of July, rent for our apartment is increasing by $125 in November, trying to find a new job to get paid more and have an interview beginning of September, also looking for a cheaper place to live in. On top of that, got a secret message that my current position might become a temp thing, limited to 18 months on, 6 months off.
I have no time to de-stress because I need to prepare for everything.


One of the things I'm learning from therapy sessions is to take time to analyze my negative thoughts and not just try to drown them out with stimuli. It helps me to refute them with observable truths and to enumerate the positives.
While listening to music, playing games, or finding focus on other things might help in the short term, there's no guarantee it solves the issue in the long term.

Mental Health 

Been going to therapy recently and we've discovered a few things that cause me to go into month long depression cycles, namely feeling like I'm interrupting, feeling like I'm a burden, and not being good enough. Doesn't always make me feel depressed and don't really know where it's all coming from.

Happy pride to everyone out there. Hope things get better as the year progresses.

Car Accident 

Was in a car accident yesterday where a vehicle attempting to change into my lane had their driver side mirror clipped by my passenger side mirror. Luckily, no one was hurt, and that was the only damage done. Stressed about the whole ordeal (and stuff happening at work).
After speaking with the other persons insurance agent, I found out I'm good at giving statements and not incriminating myself.

If you hear with your ears, do you heye with your eyes?

BTS Pasadena Day 1 

When I got up this morning, only had about 4 hours of sleep before having to get ready to g ok to the airport. Made it back, got the cat and did some grocery shopping, but some somethings wrong with River, acting lethargic and hasn't eaten or drank any water. Might be the medicine we've been having to give her. Or nerves from being somewhere unfamiliar. Gonna try and see the vet tomorrow.

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BTS Pasadena Day 1 

Saw a huge black and yellow butterfly yesterday. Don't know what it was, but it was huge! Then took a trip to the bts popup store and got a new shirt.

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BTS Pasadena Day 1 

Went for a walk past the LA River to a mexican food joint, but they were closed for the day. Hope I can get some later tonight.

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