that it's possible to catch radio signals through metallic filling in tooth.

there were several cases where people started hearing music and they complained to local police and on investigation it was found out that it was their tooth catching radio signals.

Pinterest is the best social network for information. others have become or are becoming spam yards.

google playstore stopped showing us last updated date of apps.

what a tragedy!

motivation is the key to great health!

Health of Older People Is Tied to Motivation - Neuroscience News

seems like the G.O.A.T
of .

so far everything is
about him in this house.
minus him nobody would have
got this much screen time.

a businessman is mostly likely to testify against science to not see their sales getting wrecked.

businessman includes leaders of religious organization!

the era of wannabe rappers and low grade music ,but millions of views.

don't try to overcome anxiety. nobody can overcome anxiety,we can only manage it. try to manage it .

i want what uday chopra is having...

yes , infinite access to science documentaries!!!

thor can not fly ,he flies using 'hammer propulsion'. there is lot of science behind the flight of

someone: I am getting married.

me (thinking in my head) : why

you think you are tougher than the rest but it's actually Bruce the boss Springsteen ( )

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