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hey why don't we have pillows with AI .

imagine AI pillows taking over the world.

to me is still the best music app .

I love how they are connecting humans through five star radio of users.

I just love this app

teleporting myself in exactly the same location at the speed of one sec per sec.

Phoolon ki laashon men taazgee chahta hai,
Aadmi Chutiya hai, Kuch bhi chahta hai.
Zinda hai to aasmaan men udne ki zid hai,
Mar jaaye to sadne ko zameen chahta hai.
Aadmi Chutiya hai, Kuch bhi chahta hai.


pollinators are facilitating the 3d printing of flowers all over the earth.

they are the artists painting flowers in reality.

decryption of data from gravitational waves would give us the best 3d model of our entire universe.

and gravitational waves would also be the base of the solution which enables us to match our moving capacity with the speed of light .

yo jogindar
thara bhai jogindar..

lmao alag level ka time pass laga rakkha hai Indian YouTubers ne

the way people talk to each other after they get in relationships might make me puke .

well now it's all over news so the charm is finished.

congratulations to those who got to sell it at 130 plus

genzeer - remake of zanzeer with gen z tiktokers

Zomato is like the dogecoin of stock in terms of price rally.

there is no shame in being who you are..

exception: you are a criminal.

[replying to an email ]

abbey jana chu****....

[crying and deleting the email ]

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