A frustrating thing is that Android has an *extremely* complex and elaborate volume system, with three separate volume bars plus a separate notifications on / notifications off system, yet as far as I can tell it has never been possible to put it into the one, single mode I really want: nothing should be allowed to make noise EXCEPT if I get a phone call, since I get notifications all the time but nobody calls me on the phone unless it's actually incredibly urgent

Oh sorry, I double checked, it's four separate volume bars.

(There's also a separate frustrating point on which things have actually gotten *worse* with time, which is that you have all this moment-to-moment control over volume, but there's no way to turn off *vibration* except by going into the settings app. They seem to assume vibration does not make sound and you might never need to temporarily turn it off. Weird since on most phones I've had vibrating has been louder than the speakers.)

(You *can* turn off vibration by turning off all notifications, but this is not generally what you want, and leads to situations where it's 3 AM and my phone keeps loudly vibrating, so I turn off notifications because it is the only option besides "don't go to sleep tonight", and then three days later I miss a *very* important notification or phone call, while sitting there staring at the phone, because notifications have been disabled completely for the last three days.)

@Pokemod97 well scheduled is not useful because that would require me to know when I will be asleep. But

@mcc @Pokemod97 This may not apply to your phone - I'm on Android 12 on a Pixel - but modern stock Android allows you to set a custom DND duration and to set what can break through DND (first screen shot is from tapping "Do not disturb" in the notification pulldown, second is Settings>Notifications>Do not disturb)

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