people should take pics of their votes in new hampshire to at least have some type of trail.

the democrats (the dnc) have decided to use the trump playbook against berners, and it's working. we are so focused on knocking down each bullet, we're missing the rocket. we have to focus on issues and educating people. answer questions if you can. we gotta get people to vote, even if it means convincing republicans to do it to own the libs. we have to get the nomination for bernie sanders. the general will be easy compared to the primary.

Greetings fellow Berners and independents. I’m a refugee from Twitter, booted off on Iowa Caucus night for reasons unknown resulting in the loss of 14,700 followers. All for reasons unknown. Happy to connect with anyone here as I try to work out this site.

Greta Thunberg is cool, but she shouldn't be the story. The story should be about how our house is burning down. But the news media is addicted to stories with identifiable heroes and/or villains.

It's exactly like in 2013 how the story should have been the fact that the government was spying on us, but the media insisted on making Edward Snowden the story.


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