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gotta eat dinner and get some away from screen time. Be back a little later

Got all the dependencies.

I also had to install some build tools by running:

apt-get install make gcc g++

for those following along at home I made a mistake in part of the setup and had to redo the rbenv/ruby setup.

I don't have a ton of experience in ruby or RoR. I was more of a Django and NodeJS girl when I was doing webdev

still getting dependencies.

I got rbenv installed and configured and now I'm using it to install ruby

Then I setup a VPS to run my instance on. I used a DigitalOcean droplet. Again, many other options are available.
I se it up with the latest Ubuntu image available. I used 4GB of RAM and 60GB of storage, because I plan to host at most 2000 users.
I've heard from many people that you can use a RaspberryPi with much lower specs, and it still runs fine for a few users.

Okay, step one was I bought the top level domain from a registrar. I used, but many other options are available

hey all, I'm gonna be live tooting setting up a mastodon server, but I don't want to spam everyone. So, all of the toots after this will be unlisted. If you want to read them visit my profile :)

@PolymerWitch You are right, the tech news is fundamentally focused on the 'winner-take-all' mentality of the Valley. Mastodon feels like the farmers market / local co-op to the Wal-Mart of Twitter. The two just fundamentally serve different functions right now.

imagine a future where in order to stay afloat birbsite has to implement ostatus

If you want an IFTTT mastodon -> twitter crossposter:

1) make a new applet
2) Select Feed
3) enter "https://your.instance/users/username.atom"
4) Make the "Then That" post entityContent to twitter
5) Note that if you have over 140 characters it won't tweet

I set up a temporary bridge to twitter. I'll probably lock my account there soon tho

at this point, if you remove all the brands from my birb site account as well as all of the long dormant followers I have there I think this mastodon account still gets more active followers

reading a bunch of comments about Mastodon on tech news sites about how it "will never succeed" or will go extinct. Problem is, that defines Mastodon's success in the metrics of Silicon Valley VC. The point of Mastodon does not appear to be a growth -> exit -> brand vehicle strategy that Twitter has been struggling with.

I'm having a good time here. Isn't that success enough?

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