Having PR agencies like Media, IT Cell, Army Gen., Ministers, SM platforms, sportsman, Modi himself had to urge India to support CAA.

Seems nothing is working in favour.

BJP IT cell just got a new name, "automated".😬😬😬

Veg Biryani with Onions must be costlier than beef biryani ?πŸ€”

Prasoon : Sir, GDP is falling...

Modi : We are balancing it...

Prasoon : How ?

Modi : By Growing Unemployment.

Prasoon : Ek Fcukeeri Hain Aap Mei.

Ladies of Maha should learn from Sharad Pawar, how to wash your own dirty clothes in a neighbor's washing machine.

UP police confirms arrest of journalist Shohrab Ali. Two cases registered at Hazratganj police station in Lucknow. Arrested from Delhi in a joint operation.

So, if you write against Modi or BJP-RSS you will be abducted by Khakhi goons.

BREAKING : Social Media Activist AliSohrab known as KakaWani on Birdsite was illegally arrested by Delhi Police without any reasoning or warrant. He has been taken to NandNagri Police Station. Today he is a Victim, tomorrow You or I can be. Help him if you can reach him out.

Heya guys, Our own Friend
Comrade Nambiar is here.

Follow Him @Dasbolshevik

I have reported this hatemonger on twitter. Requesting others to do so. This venomous snake needs to be taught a lesson.

Summing up All the words on Ayodhya in one line :

It was a POLITICAL matter, for POLITICAL use & solved for a POLTICAL gain, so don't POLITICISE the issue.

Mandir to Bana Diya Shab Bhar Mei
Bhakti Ki Hararat Walo'ne

Dil Unka Purana Paapi Tha,
Barso Mei Ram-Bhakt Ban Na Saka.

Quoting Allama Iqbal's poetry with a little change.

@Deepsealioness @imMAK02 @prasanna_s

Waiting for upcoming speeches by Modi and asking votes in the name of Ram Temple.

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