So, if you write against Modi or BJP-RSS you will be abducted by Khakhi goons.

BREAKING : Social Media Activist AliSohrab known as KakaWani on Birdsite was illegally arrested by Delhi Police without any reasoning or warrant. He has been taken to NandNagri Police Station. Today he is a Victim, tomorrow You or I can be. Help him if you can reach him out.

@Polytikle They claimed to give us Ramraj and gave us Raavanraj instead.

@Polytikle when was the arrest? He was active on Birdsite an hour back!

@Polytikle How does the police know about the location of the person? They must have asked twitter for it? Why Twitter give the details?

@bisaat Still you didn't understand that Twitter is a branch of BJP IT cell...?🤔

Do I believe Op India? No.
Do I believe that he made hateful, anti hindu tweets? No.
Do I believe that he could be arrested for what some Op India halfwit considers hateful, anti hindu tweets? Totally.

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