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Missing the blogs of Arun Jaitley in favour of Demo and explaining it's benefits.

As long as I remain suspended on the bird site, you are authorised to plagiarise my toots here to tweet there. You may give me credit if you so feel like, but that's optional

Nothing can change just writing on Social Media, we should come together as a Group of Protestors and meet @ Jantar Mantar Delhi, that will make a difference.

What has changed in Government in this span of 5-6 years ? Please comment.

Lot of people might not know the history behind - "Ghar mein shadi hai paise nahi hai" dialogue.

According to Gobhiji's brother Prahald Modi, he ran away from home after stealing family's jewellery, just before a marriage in the family, because of which his father died of shock and a FIR was registered against Gobhiji in Vadnagar police station.

In Loving Memories of Ma_chuvera, 3 yrs of Glorious Ram Rajya after Noteban.

Is there any way to send dm or talk personally here ? 🤔

**Radio reporter shot dead in the Philippine island of Negros**

"More than 180 people who worked with or for media companies have been killed in the Philippines since 1986."

#news #bot

This is my first Toot!

Moved here bcz many people boycotted twitter to show solidarity with @sanjayuvacha ..

Don't know what to do here, may be I will post my tweets here too..

Guardians of Biryani is now guarding Biryani on Mastodon. ⚔

Cc: @sanjayuvacha

🎵Jab dil hi gaya
Toh k kya karenge... 🎵

Follow me for more such silliness

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