Doing a 20km virtual bike ride every day. Sports going strong but damn my ass hurts

I have a lot of trouble with the “sick man” philosophy - I’m sick so if you cook fried chicken I’m going to resent you. Of course never said that loud and clear, but you can feel it in the “do whatever you want”
Well I didn’t in the end because I’m weak. But I’m mad as fuck

It may sound sad, but in the end, leave me alone and I’ll be a sad person. Even more than I am today. I probably would have been a drug addict if I didn’t have them strict people around me. I truly think they keep me alive, even if life isn’t ideal.

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Sometimes I wonder if I’m in the right place. How it all could be so different from the life I’m living. I think I made rational choices, balancing love and the education my parents gave me. But I’ve left no space for who I am really. Again and again, I try to be who my loved ones think I am.

Let’s note that I cleaned everything, did the laundry, and that I also have to stand my boyfriend being extremely mad about the cats peeing while I’m the most impacted by it - since they peed on my stuff and I did all the cleaning. I just LOVE it.

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Update on the said webinar: 15 minutes before it started my 2 cats peed in 2 different places - the bed in which my improvised office is, and my favourite blanket ever. I cleaned it as fast as I could to limit the damage. And this is how I led a webinar with 100+ people, while wearing a wet shirt which smells like cat piss. It’s 11am and I’m already exhausted by this day

Tomorrow I have to lead a webinar. I had to fight so that the title wasn’t too shit. And then I had to fight so that at least one fifth of the content in there was useful. And even if I did everything I could, I’m still convinced it’ll be shite. And I’ll have to seem enthusiastic about it.

She’s in my bedroom, and she knows she doesn’t have the right to be here. But the only thing she’s looking for is ear plugs. She doesn’t want no cuddles, kisses or anything. No. The only goal now is: finding ear plugs. She’s obsessed with them. She’ll inspect every inch of the room in case one might have been left there. And when she finds one, she eats it. And then throws it up in the middle of the kitchen. 🤷🏼‍♀️

I did my daily CrossFit WOD without crying or feeling like throwing up. Progress 💪🏻

The hardest thing for me when we have to go back to normal lives is going to be: wearing a bra.

Have you ever been so sore from sports that it wakes you up all night? My night has been shite but I regret nothing.

I hate that I’m 95% sure that I got COVID-19, that my doctor is positive that it looked a lot like it, but that I have no way to confirm that I am now immune and could stop feeling so anxious about catching it. Really looking forward to these immunity blood tests reaching France

@Portofino and don’t get me wrong, I love helping people. But when the volume of people asking for help is too big, I get overwhelmed and frustrated that I can’t help every one. And then I think - home many of these people, if trying just a little bit, would have found the answer without me? Well, many. And I could have helped other people whom needed it more.

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I don’t know if it’s a matter of personality, or if it’s just that I’m working in an agency, but most people I work with and for can’t be bothered to investigate how do to do specific tasks. 50% of my working days are for learning and investigation for other people. I think it’s a shame that people don’t try harder.

Have you ever fought a narcissistic pervert? If so, i feel you. Woody being down is the perfect metaphor. He gave it to me. I love Woody, but it’s still from him. And they have no power whatsoever. I’m glad.

Woody is down. I repeat, Woody is down. And I don’t really want to make him better... I’m bad.

Hi 👋🏻
This is the view from my bedroom. Every day when I wake up, I see the lake. I can’t even tell you how amazing it feels

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