Aloha nō kākou! Hello everyone. My name is Kama, and I am a native Hawaiian. I am currently part of the Camp SilverSpook hui, which is a worker-cooperative on the island of Hawaiʻi. We are a collective that develop and work on independent games. A few of our projects include the game Neofeud. We are currently engrossed with the current project Neofeud 2! Check them both out on Youtube. Mahalo! Thank you for your time. A hui hou kākou! Until we meet again!

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I have not updated this toot in over a year.

I have recently completed a solo indie project titled, Perfecting Perfection: The First Chapter.

You can go find it over on bandcamp. And if you have the means to, please grab a copy to help me pay bills to the capitalist overlords.

@PositiveSynergy Glad you came back after almost a year.😆 The album is a great return! I wish your album great success. Love the songs "Land Back" and "Through the Eyes of A Comrade". Powerful work! 🌱 ✊🏽

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