I have not updated this toot in over a year.

I have recently completed a solo indie project titled, Perfecting Perfection: The First Chapter.

You can go find it over on bandcamp. And if you have the means to, please grab a copy to help me pay bills to the capitalist overlords.

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Breaking the chains and barriers that keep us strangled.

And getting rid of the fears that bind and keep us tangled.

Cognitive mutilation, like prey that's been mangled.

Breaking the chains and barriers that keep us strangled.

It is love, the instrument to use against this war of usurpation.

Victimized by this system of imperial colonization.
Intimate and familial. Emotions leading to conversation.

Compressing these thoughts. Leading to frustration.
What is normal? To exist outside this compartmentalization.

With chest overflowing, I'm stuck asking why.
How much more must I have to endure this test of pain.
This long and lonely road of tribulation?

Death in this place of seclusion.
And as I scream out loud.
There is no reply.
No one answers my cry for love.
Just deaf ears.

"Handcrafted oil stains, modular door design, & a mosaic of artisanal rust-rash make the McFly 85 the ideal SerfDriver vehicle for shuttling $30 coffees of wealthy pure-humans. Show up to your next eviction or breadline in style!" Neofeud 2 WIP
Neofeud 1: silverspook.itch.io/neofeud

Taking it to the point of no return.
How much longer must I continue this chase?
When will I find my most yearned and cherished dreams in this odious uninhabited place?

Enveloped by my scars from time,
I'm kicking and fighting.
Currents of consciousness fleeting.
This anguish, unbearable, like a vice clamping the heart.
My uninhabited Place.

Slipping into the emptiness of mind, the tides washing ashore.
Creeping in. Asphyxiating.
The finale in passing, as the light is dwindling.
And as it fades away, the darkness consume him.

Decolonators - kick capitalist colonizer butts out of Vietnam in retro-arcade game glory! Made by native Hawaiian (me) and Vietnamese folks! :)

Aloha nō kākou! Hello everyone. My name is Kama, and I am a native Hawaiian. I am currently part of the Camp SilverSpook hui, which is a worker-cooperative on the island of Hawaiʻi. We are a collective that develop and work on independent games. A few of our projects include the game Neofeud. We are currently engrossed with the current project Neofeud 2! Check them both out on Youtube. Mahalo! Thank you for your time. A hui hou kākou! Until we meet again!


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