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i think the only thing i've ever learnt from knowing people who find computers hard to learn how to use is that computers would be easier to use if they stopped changing them constantly to make them easier to use

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Zijn contentfilters straks ook nodig op decentrale platforms?

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New EU Copyright Law Could Force Online Platforms To Ban Memes Across Europe
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Er blijkt een merkwaardige diversiteit aan obscure en activistische nederlandse clubjes te bestaan op reddit. Wist ik niet maar is ook niet echt verrassend.

Moet er nog steeds aan wennen, dat doorlopende verhuizen naar andere servers en netwerken.

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I hadn't realized the situation on Google was that bad. I mostly use DuckDuckGo, but then I also only search for technical stuff most of the time. This is outrageous.

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17,619 accounts
+3 in the last hour
+70 in the last day
+523 in the last week

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Was away for a week.. so many new features o_0

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a prime minister i would like to state that pineapple is a legal pizza topping

Finally a day without rain. The fallen leaves everywhere are troublesome enough already. 🏍

Is it just me or are the dutch becoming more and more quiet here?

Ah, een luchtige timeline die niet over politiek gaat.

I don't know how the follow suggestions work, but I've been getting the same ones for days. Only partial refresh when actually following one of them.

@ieks @AgnesHuttinga @tomzonderH uit een aantal 'vroege' berichten maakte ik vooral op dat mensen niet snappen dat het hier nog vrij rustig is. Alsof ze verwachten direct te worden vermaakt of direct hun eigen echokamer met bekenden terug te vinden.

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