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Me making a list of birds I photographed but haven’t identified yet

Rain means no Super Moon for the GTA tonight 😞

This got out of hand LOL but here's another collaboration featuring @PowersWithin inkscratch, B, Himari, and various others who joined briefly! Thanks everyone 😍 is pretty powerful for collaborative in-browser drawing (feat. B and @PowersWithin)

Drawing an irl scene I couldn't quite capture via camera. This is a basketball court on a university campus in China that I've been visiting since as far as I remember. Last year I saw these new little holes that appeared on the wall that were these makeshift beverage shops. I was very amused by these really crude "shop fronts" lol

OC art trade with @dirchansky feat. instructions such as
"Tako in a tube" "sleepy shrimp" "unicycle and goat"

Listening to old anime soundtracks during work today, NOSTALGIA BLAST! Mostly Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh OSTs.

Wow I finally uploaded this old 2014 song onto Youtube. New song coming soon. Also, amused by all the new YT upload features.

Looking through rly old unfinished music files... and more than once I'm finding myself thinking "...this sounds like it has potential but I can't tell if I actually made this song or if this was a file of me trying to figure out how to play someone else's song......" 😂

Yay I did it, first full song in like 3-4 years that's not attached to any external project. Is the curse broken...

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Will this weekend finally be the weekend where i make non-project related music? Of all the things I make music gives me the most anxiety when it's not attached to an external project....

That feeling when u find out that the old class bully is now working with special needs children 😨

Have to wear ear plugs + blast music all day in order to stay sane while working from home during the day time w/ insane construction outside my window 😭 😩 😱

‪Checked FB for the first time in a very very long time. That sudden realization of what an utterly diff life u live and what utterly diff values u hold from the ppl u were once closest to. Not necessarily good or bad. Just a strange feeling to see a glimpse of their lives and to feel like they r a complete stranger. :computerfairies: 🕐

Got into a smol instag clock hole of ppl I knew from pre-master’s. The more I looked the more I realize how them and I live completely different and unrelatable lives from each other lol. They r prob fine ppl but I am forever grateful for finding the weirder and less traditional peeps I have in my life now :blobpeek:

Trying to send my aunt old songs i made... and realizing that I when I listen to them I can't even recall what I titled half of these LOL

YT video: "For comparison, this is a clip from almost 20 years ago." *shows clip from 2002
Me: Someone got the dates wrong that's not almost 20 years ago.
Me: *does math* OMG 2002 was almost 20 years ago wtf!!!

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