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Have to wear ear plugs + blast music all day in order to stay sane while working from home during the day time w/ insane construction outside my window 😭 😩 😱

‪Checked FB for the first time in a very very long time. That sudden realization of what an utterly diff life u live and what utterly diff values u hold from the ppl u were once closest to. Not necessarily good or bad. Just a strange feeling to see a glimpse of their lives and to feel like they r a complete stranger. :computerfairies: 🕐

Got into a smol instag clock hole of ppl I knew from pre-master’s. The more I looked the more I realize how them and I live completely different and unrelatable lives from each other lol. They r prob fine ppl but I am forever grateful for finding the weirder and less traditional peeps I have in my life now :blobpeek:

Trying to send my aunt old songs i made... and realizing that I when I listen to them I can't even recall what I titled half of these LOL

YT video: "For comparison, this is a clip from almost 20 years ago." *shows clip from 2002
Me: Someone got the dates wrong that's not almost 20 years ago.
Me: *does math* OMG 2002 was almost 20 years ago wtf!!!

I'm not really into sports but this loud cheering on the streets is rly making me root for the Raptors.

Ah, the smell of dusty polluted Chinese air feels strangely nostalgic and at-home to me. What is this feeling LOL 👃

Keep on getting enticed by the 20x PC optimum points deals... and then just ending up spending real $$$ to save net $$$ in PC optimum points and now I just have a bunch $$$ in the form of optimum points that I rly need to redeem... and stop being enticed by the 20x points bonus.... LOL ...

Yeyea donatin some of em hemo Gs. Also observing the pt experience lol.

forever proud of myself for succeeding in fixing the smallest things in da haus lol

Starting to do some proper art assets. It's actually starting to look like a game lol.
thnx to this song for inspo. Very "lava level" vibe lol. (Also similarities in color schemes was completely unplanned haha)

spontaneous speed paint (30 min - 1 hr??), based on an old photo of mine. Tho it turned out very diff from the ref photo haha. Got inspired by the chanty/chorusy psychill music I was listening to.

A scene from a dream I had... where someone told me to go into this huge alley way because it's supposedly a shortcut to work. As I walked in there it felt so eerie. However, when I looked up, the sky above was still warm and cheerful looking, in contrast with the cold creepy alley at ground level. Then I asked the person I was with "is this where I die?"

Health discoveries 

I have programmed my shrimp game enough that I can now continue to harvest algae from plants endlessly... then I got trapped harvesting algae

Watching a vid about Mario Kart Wii "For over a decade players have been..." WTF it's been out for a decade!? 👵

feels good to move away from g0d4ddy who's about to charge me $25CAD/year for my .com domain... thnx n4mes1lo for <$9USD/year

@dirchansky omg i love that you drew the dogsheepfrand from d0llar4ma

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