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We live in a Democracy
We as the citizens/voters don't need to bend ourselves/wishes in order to align with any party's ideology
A party needs to bend its ideology in order to align itself with what the people want.

उत्तर प्रदेश शासन?
Not सरकार?
Can anyone explain this?

Was watching a popular Bollywood movie on television
The scene was set in a police station
The inspectors table had an Ashok Stambh, but the head(s) was blurred
Can anyone tell me why?

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Let's shout out today!! Suggest people you follow to others in your network. Also let's share why you like a particular account.
Let's help each other build a more meaningful network.

What say??

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When people with reach decide to do good, the word does spread. Bhuvan Bam or BB ki Vines on .

CM adityanath sues SP spokesperson for calling his Ajay Singh Bisht on SM

Why so fragile Ajay Bisht??

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Have a suggestion for all those who are adamant on sending anti nationals to Pakistan

At that age I cried
Thought I'm getting scolded for no fault of mine
But I understood the significance of it as I grew up looking at the filth that the Indian male mind around me is. You're not wrong Mrs. Lamba
You're 100% justified in your anger.

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What Alka Lamba said about killing her own son if he ever does anything untoward to a women reminded me of my mom
I remember the horror on her face the night nirbhaya case came forward. She grabbed me by my collar, an adolescent and told me that if I ever do anything to ever even HARM a women, she'd be the one to kill me.

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Saffron Clad Americans eating turkey for Thanksgiving 2019


Growth Down, But There Won't Be Any Recession: Nirmala Sitharaman

Biggest mistake of nimmo aunty's career right here
What's to be seen is how the markets respond to this show of "confidence" tomorrow morning
Regardless, are we still achieving $5000000000000 economy?

"Vindictive Approach Not Part Of BJP's Ethic": Amit Shah On SPG Row
Even thought the issue he spoke on was idiotic, mota bhai, यह किस लाइन में आ गए आप।

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Two door guardians from Tamil Nadu and one serpent king from Rajasthan/Madhya Pradesh, purchased from idol smuggler Subash Kapoor, will be returned during Scott Morrison’s visit in January 2020 

#India #MadhyaPradesh #Rajasthan #TamilNadu

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