@Pranavgupta I bet this would be a great meme if I understood it


@Aleums no not at all
This is actually an appreciation post
This refers to the Sikh faith and how they provide food in their gurudwaras (temples /place of worship) to anyone regardless of the religion, gender or any form of discrimination free of cost.
It's called Langar (Google it)
It's being circulated today because its the Sikh faiths founders' (Guru Nanak Dev) 550th birthday.

Here's a video of a guy documenting the process of making langar and serving it along with the philosophy behind it.

@Pranavgupta @Aleums oh yeah, this is like the one part of Sikhism I know about and it rules. Most temples basically have free vegetarian feasts available to all and some have other things like free workshops or childcare or bike repair and whatnot

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