Wake me up when november ends.

2021 will be new 2020 with a lot of shifts.

List of financially non affected people in India?

Categorically ofcourse, can we create a thread by going to the economic transitional roots?

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Doctors said both father & daughter had “chemical burns”

They said they had been instructed by @AamAadmiParty govt not to reveal any information about the case. Police keeping the register of medico-legal cases at hospital also refused to reveal details


Birds are chirping, plants seem to have more life than before.

Based on a novel by Deborah Feldman, “Unorthodox” tells the story of a young ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman in New York (Shira Haas) who flees her arranged marriage and religious community to start a new life in Berlin.

TBR on Netflix.

Sounds like Indian Movie queen by Kanagana Ranaut

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Singapore: Private map plots locations of Singaporean COVID-19 patients

More updates* in: privacyinternational.org/examp

*Our global network is tracking #Surveillance #DataExploitation #Misinformation by tech companies and governments in the fight against #COVID19. Support us! nitter.net/privacyint/status/1

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Calling smartphone equipped teenagers 'digital natives' is a mistake because a smartphone makes you a consumer rather than a native of anything.

If you want a child to become a digital native give them an actual computer instead of a corporate controlled and curated consumer device.

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Everyone I know: Cancel the people who are hoarding supplies during the pandemic to resell them at marked up prices

Me: By wait... how is that inherently different from the way capitalism behaves with respect to all necessary/semi-necessary goods and services?

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“A mobile phone is a tracking device that also makes calls.”
―Julian Assange, Cypherpunks: Freedom and the Future of the Internet, 2012

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I think Vistara and Air India are merging ground operations or have already merged.

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Grouping Of Students Into Sections On The Basis Of Marks Is Violation Of Their Fundamental Right: Punjab & Haryana HC [Read Judgment] livelaw.in/news-updates/groupi

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