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making this to pin it: if you request to follow me and have no posts it's gonna be a no. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I’m really pissed off these days! to celebrate, I banged out a little zine expressing my bottomless rage.

you can get it as a PWYW pdf right here:

Almost all the bail funds I looked at today were at capacity on donation, is a national emergency response fund that promises to send the money where it's needed across the entire bail fund network.

On other fronts, has been extremely dedicated about signal boosting ways to support black communities in Minnesota, and is a mutual-aid document compiling individuals connected to the protests who need support

sorry for the twit link but HI I'm doing YCH smooch commissions for donations, info is here, thank you:

donation link for bail fund run by minnesota freedom fund if you can help pay bail for arrested protesters you can donate here, otherwise please spread the word they really need help right now and this is something we can do from a distance

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please consider donating to the Navajo & Hopi relief fund. Native Americans have very few resources during the epidemic:

Shop stuff! I've listed some lanyards, I'm taking preorders for cuboid bags, and all the print books are a bit discounted because Saturday is Free Comic Book Day! EXCITING

she's wearing the Hellraiser Pinhead dress that Ezra made, as if this couldn't get better

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