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there's a Lupin themed ride and restaurant and character actors coming to Universal Japan, somebody take me PLEASE

hell yeah hell yeah HELL YEAH my jury duty was cancelled!!!

brain wrangling, ADD hell 2 Show more

brain wrangling, ADD hell Show more

I am got even gonna try for goblin week every day, but I might go back and color this one because I like it.

if I can be a complete nerd for a second Show more

drew a goblin (& steed) for the 🤘 super 🤘 blood 🤘 WOLF 🤘 moon 🤘 (which I did go out in the -3° snow to see last night, and it was worth it)

suggested listening:

I always sleep on goblin week but I've been obsessing over Tolkien for the last two months so there is NO EXCUSE this year

the photos on this figure drawing practice site are SO gender-y I'm about to start downloading y'all's nudes and just using those I stg

Tolkien: And then Sam spoons Frodo on Mt. Doom but like, for SURVIVAL, because he's cold and had to leave his blanket behind so they could travel light, OKAY?

Me: Mmhm yep just like in my fanfics, go on

god bless u @shinesurge for meticulously providing links for every KC callback, it is a comic reader's blessing

I finished LotR and Show more

animal death, NATURE RED IN TOOTH & CLAW 2 Show more

animal death, NATURE RED IN TOOTH & CLAW Show more

Reminder that Captain Falcon has a theme song, and it sounds like Christian rock, but Christian rock that's a little gay for Jesus:

also it got frosty the other morning and looked just like that one Erasure video

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