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please....... I need the rest of this Crimson backstory

the FFAK site started loading like Elfwood on 2001 dialup right as I got SUPER invested in a scene, hhhhhnnnNN

just read the phrase "Women and those identifying as women" in an article........ yeah so like, women and also cis women? bite me

in general Sinh has a look that's been unusually slippery for me and I'm looking forward to the opportunity to get them more settled into how I feel they SHOULD look. Looking at ancient first drawings of them for my blog post today was inspiring.

I've just been like.... brooding on this ever since looking back at all my Sinh scenes and realizing there were OPPORTUNITIES to define their odd teeth that I totally missed in the hustle to get pages done

1. thank god the next chapter is a Sinh chapter and I can redeem myself
2. it won't take long to edit some of the old panels to my liking when I get to the point of having a full print volume's worth of material
3. yes this is important YOU FOOL

the fucking wild thing about webcomics is you could literally be working on some aspect of the thing every second of the day if it were possible, there is always more worldbuilding and designing and concept development and site polishing to be done and sometimes you gotta budget your time and energy in ways that seem totally arbitrary

I'm afraid I set a precedent with these first two patreon blog entries that will be hard to live up to, so many WORDS I'm dead

I'm doing some script expansion/rearranging and finally put down a bit that's been in my mind FOREVER, I hope y'all are ready to hear Connie explain human gender constructs to her sisters

I searched "90s roll on lipgloss" because we were talking about weirdly specific early childhood memories and I am so disoriented in time and space right now, here's something I haven't seen in like 25 years but it has existed in my brain in photographic clarity

oh yeah also I found an ideal jacket for my cosplay so that's that sorted

it was sunny and warm out all day, we walked all over the place, I forgot it could feel so nice out, and then to top it all off we got a box of
working lightbulbs off the curb AND I found yaoi in a free book box. come on world save some of this and spread it out a little

I specifically gave Sinh little buck teeth because they're hot, and now I'm just looking back on my choices, my choices to not draw them so that you can see their teeth much in any panels that exist so far, and wondering what I've done with my life

big stupid mostly-cis guy lumbering in asking questions Show more

I am a corpse but I've got a Wife to ink so consider me reanimated baby

oh man somebody else on twitter just found out about komachi beni and is talking about how cool makeup is, now I wanna get my face colors and smear em around, on my face

maybe I should take the trans pin off my bag, I dunno, I like knowing when my people are around me and I wanna do that for them too but any time I'm near a stranger who is older and white and likely cis/straight, visions of harassment/hate crimes flash before my eyes

taking buses and trains was getting to be nbd towards the end of my time in San Diego but also the world was less potentially hostile to me then, mmm that 2016-18 burrito of trembling paranoia feel

took two buses both ways by myself and didn't get lost or die but I spent the entire time in sweaty fight or flight mode 👍

in very small cool news I showed Laurel the weirdly distinct light spot on this apple and they told me that leaf shadows create these, and you can actually see the STEM of the leaf on this one