holy shit you know what would make a kickass drag name?

Jacquelyn Hyde

drawing the gayest commission 2nite HAAAAAIL Stanley

if you wanna be upset about something, try the fact that the new movie is being directed by the God Damt Sausage Party team

Addams Family again, this time w/ spicy fatphobia ): Show more

sits bolt upright in bed from a nightmare about the timeline where the '90s Addams Family movies had been given to Tim Burton

OH thank god

there's TNBC goths and there's Addams Family goths and you can only trust the one of em.

I say this as someone for whom TNBC was formative and still a source of nostalgia but in hindsight, YEEEEEEESH.

@magpietongue in case you miss it on bird hell I'M MAKING U SPANISH RICE FOR DINNER GET HYPE

media rambles, Addams Family Show more

distracting myself w/ griping abt media Show more

AAAAA 2 Show more

AAAAA Show more

sometimes I think I might be too much of a sentimental maladaptively romantic gay idiot to live in this world

everyone's hot for Venom/Eddie and I'm sleeping on the fact that Ambrose and Lemme get up to possession hijinks for kicks, my comic could be a damn bestseller

radiators are scary and that's just my west coast surfer dude Hollywood California palm tree opinion

googles "how to accept a really nice compliment without being weird"

god. GOD. We ran errands today which entailed going to ten, TEN different stores. (ok four of them were entirely optional thrift/halloween stops but how else were we to keep up morale. anyway i'm dead bye)

anyway the mental image of the art was SO vivid I want to recreate it but I have a late page and a commission and a billion patron sketch requests to draw ):

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FOOD w/ sexy pics Show more

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