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making this to pin it: if you request to follow me and have no posts it's gonna be a no. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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people are asking a lot of questions about my "i eat bibles" t-shirt that i can't answer because my mouth is full of bibles

parasites, 😱, rural horror 

there's been a huge tick boom this spring and although we've been lucky enough not to find any attached to us, Laurel DID find one this morning

crawling on the toilet seat 😱 😱 😱

god I'm glad the next page is on schedule because coming back from hiatus with just a huge establishing shot and not a word of dialogue or a character to look at kinda feels like presenting a big ol' plate of nothing haha

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hi, i'm robin -- identifying as transfemnby because i exist in a weird space that labels don't seem to match cleanly and that's cool. i like it a lot.

i make a lot of queer content that i am ramping up to be even queer-er-... er.

I keep remembering that @shinesurge 's boy Toulouse was in my dream last night, I don't remember anything other than that he was sad and pretty (but that's not news is it)

@JMHowell Hap birth THE SECOND. Your package is apparently out for delivery!!! 💚 🍏 💚

i think i’m gonna make this into stickers, to sell and also because i want it on my water bottle asap

i don't know why i went this hard for the finale, what can i say i love GOBLIN

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