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Hornéd on Main @Prawnlegs@mastodon.social

a JiGoe for strength (are you saying it in your head like the GI Joe PSA thingy too, like "Jay Eye Gooooo")

I want this to be a finished damn illustration someday but my brain insists upon complicated French braids and filigree armor and an ivy-covered marble throne and

one of those "I just drew for seven hours, time to unwind by drawing" nights. and it's plate armor because I know how to party (suffer)

I guess I slept in some kind of pretzel configuration last night because my back and shoulders are FUCKED


just heard someone hawk the most cartoonish loogie outside and the windows aren't even open, such raw power

I'm glad you can look at these two and, knowing nothing about the characters, probably still tell that they fuck

Ezra and I went and saw A Quiet Place and did you know that's exactly what sound-related trauma feels like ALL the time

I'm really lucky, I seem to have hand/wrist issues almost never so I should get on that preventative shit while the getting's good u kno

I've been thinking about getting Draw Stronger because I keep hearing good things about it and also I seem to have...... fucked up the shoulder of my drawing arm...... all the random illustrated artist PT posts on the internet do nothing for me if I don't have them collected in one place and staring me down every time I go to work

Laurel, hoisting the cat aloft and praising her: "You're the best little turkey! You're so good!"

weary grousing Show more

we watched an EXTREMELY good classic Lupin last night

man I just have ONE last slot to fill on the Ambrose moodboard and everything my image search turns up is just the wrong flavor of ostentatious.

the comic I'm doing with Ezra for Heartwood features this nonbinary character at age nine and age forty-nine and they're cute in both instances

I had a World Overload but a cute queer cashier at the TRAITOR JOSEPH shepherded me into their lane and complimented my trans monster pin meaningfully and I gave them my etsy card and then hurriedly restocked my shop the second I got home cause it's been full of dust bunnies for MONTHS

going through clothes to donate, and my surviving bandana collection extremely knows what I'm about (beetle bandana on the left is from marycapaldi.tictail.com/ )

the drummer in the top left is Ciara Doran from Pale Waves and she is so Connie's doppelganger it is SCARY

it's that time again (why do these take SO LONG)