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making this to pin it: if you request to follow me and have no posts it's gonna be a no. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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i think i’m gonna make this into stickers, to sell and also because i want it on my water bottle asap

i don't know why i went this hard for the finale, what can i say i love GOBLIN

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GOBLIN WEEK 1: soup's on

disclaimer: you probably don't want to follow me all I do here is whine and ignore my follow requests

gay girls before they're out of the closet, trying to designate their hetero crush and panicking: oh yeah i'm so into guys like for instance i love uhhhhhhh

if they're cold, you're cold

let yourself in

anyway i took better minicomic pics, look how cute this dumb book i made is

Just a little 1-page comic of OC shenanigans. Laszlo is a bad influence and Toby is a being of pure anxiety.

At long last, my monster tits zine is available as a digital download! If you buy it today, this Blackest of Fridays, I even get to keep 100% of the cover price from itch.

(yu-gi-oh voice)



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