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I just posted this on twitter with a bad link BUT:

Job Satisfaction is my webcomic about freelance demon summoners, a celibate succubus, and dodgy exorcisms in a weird alternate 1960s. There are also pigeons! I just started reposting the archive on Smackjeeves:

....I want a Dark Crystal essence vial and I just realized that Ezra's brother is a glass blower

FRIENDS ARRIVE TODAY gonna be busy having adventures and playing Wake the Dead for the next week-ish

note 2 self draw Gaspar and Minal as hot vampires. maybe Sebastian too but come on, they basically ARE a hot vampire

I'm sinning as hard as I can so I can have an eternal career of menacing content thieves and art reposters in hell

blocking 41strange on twitter has been the best move of my life, my blood boils like 75% less when scrolling my tl now

it is now "lying in bed reading Dark Crystal YA novels because everything else hurts my back too much" o' clock

I need to make dinner but I'm exhausted and the cat is on me

gross, scatological, deeply cursed 

oh no.... oh NO I feel compelled to watch every Dracula adaptation now. Do you know how many that is? there are like ten Christopher Lee versions ALONE. (maybe if I start with the ones that are just book adaptations I can do it in my lifetime)

a cool & sexy fact about me is that I make Monarch sounds when I'm struggling to open containers or lift things

food, farmin', squash talk 

being old on-line, grousing 2 

being old on-line, grousing 

watched Over the Garden Wall again, FRUSTRATED 

imagine a vampire-themed diner party... black bread, pomegranates, roasted beets, real beeswax candles, a centerpiece of dried roses.... leave me alone I'm GAY

so far we have been able to accurately predict the appearance of first eggs within about a week because the hens start doing this submissive squat pose when you approach them, THINKING.... YOU HAVE ROOSTERLY INTENTIONS. It's awkward!!!

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