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KSBD has such a strong color identity, I feel like I would recognize it by swatches alone

holy shit time to catch up on KSBD I guess

it is technically.............................. the first night of Pornukkah

anyway I'm going in again same time next week to probably cry some more, go team Venture

I did the therapy and,

man, I knew I was going through some shit, but verbally going down an itemized list with a person who is paid to hear me talk about it

I am going through some SHIT

@DirkGrundy oh PS I saw someone mention emailing themselves the photos off their 3DS cards so they can use that image conversion site? might be able to get around your port-less-ness

I just visited a rando dream address I found on Tumblr and it was a hacked town, it was SO SURREAL

I can remember being fourteen and making like, an eighteen-year-old character and thinking they were soooooo grown up

here's someone who did it right

and like okay I guess a lot of the people drawing them ARE kids, but,

make your animal crossing gijinkas older than fifteen you COWARDS. they're homeowners!

I'm gonna see a therapist today! Shit!!!

I definitely need to be drawing 100% more tender cuddles and steamy makeouts tho

"I'm gonna draw self-indulgent fluff tomorrow to make myself feel better"
[all I have to show for myself today is Sinh as an Animal Crossing villager]
"uhhhh AGAIN"

man once my brain has decided that someone dislikes me (based on almost nothing!!!!) there is no convincing it otherwise

hggghh responded three days delayed to potential therapist's appointment openings, brain! not working!!!!

Sebastian...................... is still hot

I changed the tassel thingies on the falcon hood to resemble the shape of Ambrose's horns. and yes they're both wearing patterns that exist in New Leaf

a cool thing about knowing only trans comics people is when somebody picks a new name you can be like "The artist formerly known as _____" when mentioning them to a trusted third party who hasn't seen the new-name notification yet