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I just posted this on twitter with a bad link BUT:

Job Satisfaction is my webcomic about freelance demon summoners, a celibate succubus, and dodgy exorcisms in a weird alternate 1960s. There are also pigeons! I just started reposting the archive on Smackjeeves:

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the cat regards the chickens as a crime against god and does her best not to acknowledge their existence

you've heard of crazy cat lady, now get ready for Traumatized Chicken Enby

today we discovered MAPLE SAP ICICLES coming from maple branches that got trimmed along the road. tree popsicles!!! it was magical

god. did I mention there were bantam chicks at the feed store yesterday and they were THE SIZE OF A GOT DAMN WALNUT

A mangy crow had a wallow on my lap. Ezra got video, there was so much kicking and rolling, it was REALLY GOOD.

we had to be On for humans all weekend and then plan/execute grocery shopping so I am PROFOUNDLY exhausted but also now I can draw all the demons and write all the smut I could ever possibly desire (I mean not really because I'd need a clone, but,)

oh my gosh the chorkins are so much more feathery than they were the last time I took photos (like five days ago?), gotta get some Glamour Shots today

whoops I tried to make a Lemme pokemon and just made hard-femme smeargle w/ a fencing sabre

okay I know almost nothing about Pokémon past gen 1 but I knew that a fairy type had been added and I was like "Lemme is definitely a fighting/fairy type" BUT turns out fairy beats fighting in rock pikachu scissors, does that mean fighting/fairy types can't exist? Help me professor Oak

hello I am emotional about how good chickens are

welcome to the Barbie Dream Coop

these stink babies finally got real bedding because they suddenly wanted to just gorge on paper towels to the exclusion of all else

I love that everyone's suddenly drawing made-up pocket mans because when I was thirteen or whatever that was basically my first response to the series. I bet Ambrose.... would make a good pokémon...

the chickens moved into their intermediate indoor home today and spent hours CRYING AND CRYING except whenever anyone was in to check on them and I felt my heart SHATTER, they're just little babies!!! babies who need the big skin chickens to protect them!!!!!

I sent in an application to host a "Queerness in SF/F" at my school's annual nerd convention event!

There'll definitely be subsections on robots, shapeshifters, X-Men, and so on, but any good ideas/links/resources would be much appreciated

brain why do you suddenly have your once yearly urge to write smut when parents are going to be visiting today and all weekend. Why???

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