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I just posted this on twitter with a bad link BUT:

Job Satisfaction is my webcomic about freelance demon summoners, a celibate succubus, and dodgy exorcisms in a weird alternate 1960s. There are also pigeons! I just started reposting the archive on Smackjeeves:

my cough is VERY SLOWLY getting better and we swam in the lake the other day. I am a pretty weak swimmer and also a vampire so I spent a lot of time in T H E D O N U T with my hat and let me tell you: ideal

I do not blaze the it but I do have resting stoned face

it's official folks

(aiming for an early 2020 release but might crack open a patreon tier for previews once the drawing part is steadily underway)

(if you can even still post smut on patreon at that point)

guess you gotta individually lock every post to stop your candid mental health reflections from becoming "content"

I really thought I locked this account but people are still boosting stuff huh. take the internet away from me I'm old

demon smut, masochism... mention? 

I watched the 1954 sequel to this movie while working today and my god it might be even better

Mermaid pulls a prince & the pauper switcheroo with her thinly-explained human double and GETS TO WORK courting ("courting") multiple replacements for the human woman's boring fiancé. This one's in color and has some underwater camera work. It RULES.

health bitchin 

okay I actually just found the BEST mermaid movie, Miranda (1948) which a mermaid kidnaps an English doctor and makes him take her back to London in disguise. Then she uses the same pickup lines on every man available and after they all leave their various girlfriends and fiancées for her she's like "lol you humans are so funny, I'm leaving" and returns to the ocean to have one of their babies (we don't know whose). Fucking iconic.

career change I'm becoming a director so I can make the practical effects lesbian mermaid romcom of my dreams

how come the mermaid movies with the highest production values and most lasting cultural impact were both about mermaids getting with the most pathetic human men available

I have a cough that sounds like Aunt Mildred dying of consumption in 1804

super homesick for the pacific ocean all of a sudden, no not San Diego, the ocean itself, the briny depths from whence I oozed, my natal kelp-swaddling, the sands of my origin, the sea lions that found me in that shipwreck and raised me, the garibaldi, the

we got home to CREAMPUFF'S FIRST EGG. Sometimes pullets lay weird wonky first eggs but hers is a perfect miniature, light brown. We rewarded her with oats, rice and strawberry ;A;

OH LOL someone pointed out that I got Connie's horns backwards in the last panel of Friday's page, I knew it would happen one day. EhhhHHH I'll fix it when I'm not a sweaty mess from going x-treme antiquing all day (we went to Brimfield)

Strange Thing s3 SURE IS SOMETHIN 

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