Here are some true facts about our resident cryptid

@Prawnlegs excellent character design with rich backstory, 10/10

@Prawnlegs oh it just
reminds me of a character from trollhunters.

A show you should totally watch it has rock people and magic and stuff. You'd love it.

@loki oooooh I've been kinda curious about that show but not totally sold on the art style. I keep hearing that people love it though. I'll try to check it out! (Especially if it has KP in it)

@Prawnlegs I really seriously cannot recommend it enough.

It's actually a trilogy of stories in the same setting. There's Trollhunters, 3Below, and Wizards.

Wizards isn't out yet though.

Also like... Guillermo Del Toro made it.

@Prawnlegs The transition from starbucks to dunkin as a signifier has slain me, a new englander.

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