I thought about adding some tags draped over the sides of these cups and then I realized Ambrose would sooner die than serve bagged tea, plus he knows where Fia kept the good shit

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@shinesurge oh my god... oH my god I want this. I want all the tea-themed JS merch that could possibly exist

there was a place that did custom blends and people did a lot of fandom ones but I think it turned out they were trump supporters or super Not fair trade or sth 😔

@shinesurge don't take my word for it, I only vaguely remember reading something and then going like "oh gdi I had wanted to make JS blends with them"

@shinesurge was it Adagio? I'm googling it and there are way more companies doing this than I knew, but that's the one that sounds familiar to me

@Prawnlegs yea adagio is the one i was thinking of! i've got a couple tins in the cupboard from them right now hff

@shinesurge god how do you google a callout, I tried "adagio tea trump supporter" and it was like "here are a bunch of trump-themed blends people put on our site!" I honestly have no clue anymore if that was even the issue I saw brought up, hhgh brain

@Prawnlegs i did the same thing, maybe people were mad they let trump stuff go up on the site at all? idk whether they're actually shitty or people just decided to Be Mad i wouldnt be surprised either way lmaooo

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