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I often want to cry at how badly I want a house, surrounded by trees. A place that is magical when it rains and has that.... Mystical calm feeling. I long for a place I've never been. A place I feel at peace.

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The ONLY REASON I don't carry a stuffed animal with me everywhere is because people look at me funny.

In all honesty, they make me feel better. I wish people wouldn't look at me funny

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I straight up wanna be the sweetest, kindest, most fragile looking thing you've ever seen. Yet also a tough person who can actually defend myself. Someone you both want to protect, yet someone you're not worried about. I wanna be everything you want and more.

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A ball python snake 

Meet my little noodle Luna! She's my sweet little pastel ivory ball python! She is so sweet! I am so happy I made the decision to get her! She makes me so happy! I hope y'all love her just as much as I do!

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Wanna take this outback a downtown taco bell in a dark alley and pretend the world is on fire? Kiss with so much passion in our lips that we are gasping for air between enjoying each others tongues. Cold finger tips softly caressing each others bodies in the comfort of a dark night. Handful of your hair in my hand as I show you how I treat someone I truly crave....

Or are you afraid you'll fall in love?

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Mr skeltal in my bones
Mr skeltal IS my bones

Mr skeltal holds my veins
Mr skeltal holds my Braaaiiinnss!

Mr skeltal holds my meat
Mr skeltal please don't eat!

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these two toots coming out literal seconds apart is still one of my favorite things that has ever happened on this website

cc @galaxybrain

Woot! Got approved! Should migrate later today. Hopefully is easy

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Ill wait till tomorrow or maybe a few more days even to see if I get approved. If not, I shall try a different instance! Feel free to give me more instance ideas of where to migrate to!

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PSA: about 50% of all mammals are rodents. if you're a mammal consider the very real chance that you might in fact be a rodent.

I think ill be migrating to my lewd account will be the same as it is now. I hope Eugen's migration guide from a year or two ago still works xD

Is it just that people are moving away from/fedi blocking or is it all .social instances?

This Halloween, consider dressing up as Cock Blockula

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trans crowdfund, boosts needed, abuse/transphobia mention 

My friend Rosy is an autistic, gay, trans woman currently living with her physically and emotionally abusive bio family in Ohio.

She's been trying to join her loving wife, Nova, in Cape Town, South Africa for most of 2020, but hasn't been able to due to the pandemic.

The SA government has lifted restrictions, but there are a lot of caveats -- including the need to stay in a low-risk country for 10 days.

Rosy and Nova have gathered some money, but not enough to cover accommodation, and extra flight costs needed to avoid laying over in transphobic regions.

Any donations will go a long way in making a HUGE difference in Rosy and Nova's lives.

Boosts so appreciated!

Rosy's Paypal:

More details in replies.


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@hyperlink Truffles in YOUR area are looking to be eaten, and NOTHING more :ad:

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I don’t wanna pay for someone else’s healthcare! I just wanna keep paying my own insurance without thinking too hard about what they do with that money!

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strangest thing about the phrase "reply guy" is how many guys who very obviously aren't one are like afraid of being one because no matter how many times its explained what one is they go "hmm i don't think i understand what one is. am i one?"

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