“The factors that the Secretary of State would need to take into account in reaching an adequacy decision include the rule of law, respect for human rights, and other relevant legislation in the third country being assessed” parliament.uk/business/publica


I do hope there are organisations in Africa looking at the privacy & surveillance implications of mobile money services in Africa.

Mobile money services continue to grow in Africa. This latest service is a joint partnership South Sudan's Trinity Technologies and Zain Telecoms South Sudan.

Looking at the privacy I see that rich detailed data will be used for secondary commercial


2018 report: Low-Hanging Fruit: Evidence-Based Solutions to the Digital Evidence Challenge | Center for Strategic and International Studies csis.org/analysis/low-hanging-

Ironic really. ‘About Us’ “Committed to the beliefs that technology changes the world and that it's a powerful force for good in humanity.”

“147 Countries
Extending our mission to a global audience through international editions and distribution.” <🤔

And here we have it. At least @techreview@twitter.com is honest enough to say it doesn’t give a fig leaf for EU law.

So. Block like crazy when visiting @techreview@twitter.com

I mean, it’s impossible to access the privacy policy unless a visitor selects the X (& that is NOT consent) 🤷‍♂️🙇‍♂️ And that privacy policy? Someone made an error surely? It seems that it should have read “Your privacy is NOT important to us.”

You can’t even access a privacy policy as currently configured.

Not only is the practice, IMHO, unethical @techreview@twitter.com @OneTrust@twitter.com it doesn’t meet EU data protection and ePrivacy law. But you probably don’t care - you probably think no-one is going to enforce such law against you

Every single cookie category on @techreview@twitter.com is set to ‘always active’ using a @OneTrust@twitter.com tool. This isn’t consent for non-essential purposes. It isn’t choice. But it is utterly utterly disrespectful. Unethical.

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On July 31, a population half the size of Switzerland will find out whether they are going to be declared stateless by India.

Everyday for the next month, @scroll_in@twitter.com will get you a story about the National Register of Citizens. scroll.in/article/930477/for-a

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.@EU_EDPS@twitter.com with .@EURightsAgency@twitter.com are hosting a side event .@icdppc2019@twitter.com on the domino effect of , conflict, mass displacement, border & migrant & control, and the fracturing of universal human rights. It’s only going to get worse -much worse. 22.10.2019 twitter.com/rdbinns/status/115

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"We have a right [..] responsibility to make our environment just and flourishing...[..]..." great words, as relevant today as they were in 1969. twitter.com/HeidiStevens13/sta

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From the WhatsApp no-click hack to this latest news, NSO Group is repeatedly facilitating access to major platforms. The platforms should use their legal and policy arms -- not just their security engineers -- to fight back. Join us! businessinsider.com/nso-boaste

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SCOOPLET: Google expected to pay multi-million dollar fine as part of newly approved settlement with FTC over YouTube violations of federal kids privacy law washingtonpost.com/technology/

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In 2018, I summarized what we know about browser extensions that secretly access, share or sell highly sensitive personal information.

Thread: twitter.com/WolfieChristl/stat

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sites like tubecrush or the apps/ads that “help” you meet strangers are bad for those who need privacy for safety

Just a reminder : don’t respond to missing person or requests to “find” someone online or in person. Some of us are trying to survive
Security isn’t just burners😈

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Hmm. Reading a 2017 hackernoon blog on Mastodon .. that suggested tooter[dot] today to search for ‘instances’ .. that link takes you through a nest of nastiness to this 👇

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