that they’ve been in dialogue with the ICO and take their data protection compliance duties and responsibilities very seriously.

Also that goal for the trial is partially is to help inform a Common International Standard for health screening at all global airports.

They won’t provide any info, refer to their website and advise they continue to operate within the regulations and in consultation with the regulator.

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On the 1st May, John Holland-Kaye, CEO Heathrow Airport said on BBC Breakfast news that "Social distancing can’t work .. that’s why we need to have a way of ensuring that only people who are very low risk are allowed into the airport "

Heathrow Airport has been running trials of body temperature scanning and working with PHE on a triage system.

I emailed the data protection office to ask a range of questions - accuracy of the tech, has a DPIA been done .. they refuse to answer and simply say

And then there’s that ‘opt out of data uses that do not require consent’ that takes you to an ad industry page. Unbelievable & isn compliant with the law.

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Dear @iomnewspapers I’m glad trust is important to you but your cookie notice / practice isn’t especially trustworthy. Does anyone at the newspaper really believe that notice communicates the behind that notice? ‘Learn more’ is more of a .. it’s infested with DataVampires

Then there’s that ‘consent is not always required’ & so I might be ‘opted in’ via legitimate interests. What the heck?

The NHS Test and Trace Privacy Notice has been changed for the 2nd time since the launch of Test and Trace on the 28 May 2020. The notice is now Version 00.05 (it began as Version 00.03 dated 4 March 2020)

Evidence has started emerging that the Home Office's monitoring of some asylum seeker's payments has led them to suspend their support if they think the asylum seekers purchasing habits are ‘suspicious’

“German newspaper FAZ reports the German government plans to adapt the infection protection law next week. Among other things, tracking of contact persons with connection data of mobile phones shall be possible. Telecoms providers shall be obliged to hand over location data”

Via @CarloPiltz on LinkedIn

Today the European Court of Human Rights will rule on my appeal against the ban on anonymous prepaid mobile phone SIM cards in Germany. A positive ruling would allow anonymous communication. #privacy #dataprotection #pirates

@eff confirms that the Ring doorbell app on Android covertly shares personally identifiable information on its users with third-party companies, including

marks the anniversary of the opening for signature of Convention 108 (on 28 January 1981), the global convention on data protection, which has recently been modernised (+)

European Court of Human Rights to decide on complaint against ban on anonymous prepaid mobile phone cards

While a useful resource it is important to check individual fines with the DPA. For example, while the site shows fines by the U.K. ICO against Marriot & BA, the fines have not yet been imposed. See also

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I was asked to help conduct this research & write a report on 'Privacy in the EU and US: Consumer experiences across three global platforms' reviewing Amazon, Netflix & Spotify. It's only scratched the surface I've mainly used Twitter to comment on it but intend to use Mastodon more

There's extreme ambiguity over what is considered & necessary to provide 'personalised service' and what is behavioural advertising or technical functionality ...

I'll toot more later this week ... also on Amazon and Netflix.

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The language of normalising surveillance "we want to give you the best possible experience to ensure that you enjoy our service today, tomorrow, and in the future. To do this we need to understand your listening habits so we can deliver an exceptional and personalized service specifically for you." However, ⬇️

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