If you are interested in examining the privacy implications of Android apps, there is google chrome extensions Exodus Privacy is a great tool. For example, it reveals these 19 trackers in Deezer and 9 trackers in Spotify (it seems you are tracked even if you pay €€€)

@Privacymatters @fdroidorg Really? You are suggesting to use Google Chrome if privacy matters???

@fdroidorg @Privacymatters Yes, of course. My amazement was not about the use of Privacy Exodus itself, but about the combination of privacy concerns and the recommendation of Google Chrome.

@trianderror @fdroidorg @Privacymatters yeah, also they likely can (and propably should) adjust/upload their #Chrome #WebExtension for Firefox, too.

@Privacymatters Is there an alternative streaming service that doesn't do all this tracking?

On the PC Spotify (only pro) with third-party clients. Of course they still know what you've heard.

@Privacymatters How can you tell if the tracking is active even when you pay? I don't know about Deezer, but fur Spotify the ad-driven free version is the same app as the paid version, so it's not clear if the trackers remain active even for subscribers.

@colomar @Privacymatters
In Deezer you got asked which trackers you want to enable. If you want to check it again, go to settings and adjust it, if you want to.
Don't know if tracking can be disabled completely, probably some "necissary" trackers will remain.


Rather use the App from or the Exodus Website:
Store also scans all apps for trackers using the Exodus service.

@Privacymatters Apart from browsing the Exodus Privacy web site you can tap on the Exodus check in Yalp store and/or Aurora store apps. And to enhance your privacy of course rm -rf "Google Chrome" from all your devices :blobangel: #privacy #exodus #de-google-ify

@Privacymatters Exodus Privacy is built into Yalp Store and Aurora Store, both these are alternative app stores to Google Play Store and is availible on @fdroidorg

@Privacymatters Spotify is the worst; back when I had XPrivacy installed it constantly prompted me about Spotify wanting to phone to a third party.

@Privacymatters And how many trackers did it reveal in Chrome itself? If less than 3, I wouldn't trust that extension.

(and if you know say it didn't tell about Chrome at all, my answer is just: see? told ya, don't trust 🤣 )

Tsk, "Chrome" and "great privacy tool" in the same sentence. Can't work out.

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